Daisy Park swing by for a few rounds of song association

What song first comes to mind at the mention of ‘guilty pleasure’? Find out with the members of Daisy Park below. 

It’s been a few weeks now since Daisy Park released their new single Something Real, and we simply cannot get it out of our heads.

Brimming with fuzz rock flairs and indie stylings, the latest offering sees the Perth four-piece relinquish what they can’t control and simply live for the moment; an optimistic message perfectly matched to the track’s distinct summertime feel.

Daisy Park single 'Something Real'

“I’ve always really connected with songs that have an upbeat and bright musicality,” Daisy Park vocalist Fyn Slarke later explained in an interview with Happy Mag.

In that same upbeat spirit, Slarke and his fellow bandmates Vanessa, Tex and Mitch stopped by for a carefree game of song association, naming the first tracks that come to mind for words like ‘walking’, ‘guilty pleasure’ and ‘summer’.

Check out Daisy Park’s full round of song association below, and scroll down to listen to their latest single Something Real.

Song association with Daisy Park — Song to Race Walk To:

Vanessa: ‘Die’ by Stella Donnelly. She played the song at Laneway Festival in 2020 and she said to the crowd that she wrote her own song to walk to, and I thought that was funny, so now I always walk to that song.

It has a great beat and a catchy chorus. Singing ‘I don’t wanna, die I don’t wanna die’ is funny to fast walk to also.

Tex: TEDDY!!! by Teenage Dads is my choice of race walking music. It’s such a fun song and I honestly think it’s perfect in every way. It gets me pumped for whatever I’m doing so if I’m listening to Teddy, I’m winning that race.

Fyn: My pick is ‘Lunchtime’ by Spacey Jane. This song just oozes a lovely upbeat vibe that is sure to hype you up for anything from a night out, to a race walk.

I think that if I can lock in my walking strides with the tempo of this song I’d be going pretty damn fast.

Mitch: ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ by Kylie Minogue. Speed walking is my preferred form of exercise, the way we dress in the promo skits is actually the way I dress when I go exercise.

That being said I use my walks to discover new music and listen to albums start to finish, one of my favourite albums I’ve listened to while walking is “Fever” and one of my favourites off that album being ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’.

Guilty Pleasure:

Vanessa: Either ‘Don’t’ by Ed Sheeran because for some reason I learnt the rap when I was little and now whenever the song plays the words come out of my mouth without me thinking, or ‘Cruel Summer’ by Taylor Swift because who doesn’t wanna scream that song in the car? So good! not really guilty though, it’s good and we all know it!

Tex: ‘Bad Blood’ by Taylor Swift. No comment…

Fyn: ‘Best Song Ever’ by the one and only, One Direction. We all secretly loved this song so much that we actually decided to cover it for our last headline show. I guess it wasn’t so secret after that.

Needless to say, it was truly a crowd pleaser, they sung every last word!

Mitch: ‘Die Young’ by Kesha. To me it’s just sentimental and brings back good memories, I can’t really pinpoint what or why I like it so much but it’s just a banger.

When I got my first I- pod my parents downloaded a lot of music onto it before giving it to me this was one of the songs on there.

Song for Summer:

Vanessa: Song for summer would be ‘Is This How You Feel?’ by The Preatures. It is such a feel good song, it doesn’t matter the weather, it makes me feel like it’s summer every time I hear it.

It always hypes me up if I’m in a bad mood and reminds me not to think about the stupid stuff that clogs up my thoughts!

Tex: ‘Hey Little Baby’ by Dope Lemon is my song of choice for the summer. It’s warm and relaxing baseline mixed with a beautiful arrangement of guitar and synth ear candy reflects the beautiful summers at the beaches we have here in WA!

Fyn: ‘Falling Apart’ by Fool Nelson. I had to give some love to other local Perth acts, and I think that Fool Nelson are some of the best that Perth has to offer. I saw these guys for the first time in 2021 and I’ve been keeping up with their releases ever since.

This is their newest single and I cannot get enough of it. The grungy and emotive feel of the song is just so bloody good. This one is sure to be my new anthem of this summer!

Mitch: ‘Beautiful Day’ by Sophian. Sophian has got to be one of my all-time favourite Perth bands, along with being a beautiful soul, he is also an amazing songwriter. He writes lyrics and songs in ways that really speak to me.

As a band they’re able to pull all the sounds I love hearing in indie rock and what made me fall in love with the genre. The same goes with basically every song of theirs, but at the moment “Beautiful day” is really speaking to me and I’m looking forward to listening to it over the summer.