Daisy Park live for the moment on shimmering new single ‘Something Real’

Daisy Park have relinquished what they can’t control on Something Real, an indie-rock gem that serves as the Perth band’s sophomore single. 

Opening with twangy guitar strums courtesy of bandmate Mitch Ballardin, the single coasts on a distinctly summery feel, complete with the kind of fuzz rock flairs that make Something Real destined for an afternoon bike ride. 

Anchored by Tex Holmes’ punchy percussion, the song is elevated by nostalgic bass guitar, with Vanessa Semones’ handiwork providing an engaging throughline across the brisk runtime.

Daisy Park single 'Something Real'

Through it all, it’s the rustic vocals of Fyn Slarke that shine the brightest, with his clear ear for melody allowing Something Real to reach its sky-bound heights. 

While all the staples of classic Australian indie-rock are there — from jangly guitars to raw vocal timbres — Daisy Park litter ear-catching flairs throughout Something Real that make it feel altogether unique.

From backing harmonies so ascendant they might touch the clouds to an almost-pop punk moment of catharsis on the bridge, the band draws from an eclectic palette which allows the single to extend upon the familiar trappings of their genre. 

Daisy Park single 'Something Real'

Perhaps the clearest example of Daisy Park’s sonic diversity arrives on the song’s latter half, where they dial down the instrumentation in favour of sparse drums and quieter vocals.

Here, Something Real transforms from a surf-ready rock anthem to something more ethereal; an effect aided by ambient harmonies and a slower tempo.

Like any great act, Daisy Park pair their musicianship with incisive lyricism, with Something Real serving as a candid reflection on the importance of living in the moment.

Daisy Park single 'Something Real'

After fretting about the future and “weighing all the choices,” Daisy Park ultimately reach a place of acceptance around life’s unchangeability, vowing to not [waste] summer” and instead focus on the present.  “Change will come, just hold on,” Slarke pines on the triumphant bridge, “the rest will follow.”

It’s a level of maturity you’d expect from a band ten years’ their senior, but Something Real is especially impressive given that it marks Daisy Park’s second-ever release. 

Daisy Park single 'Something Real'

“This song is a reminder to us that we don’t need to be constantly in control of everything,” the band explained in a press statement. “Going with the flow of life will ultimately lead you to where you need to be.”

Something Real precedes what’s sure to be a breakout moment for Daisy Park, who first formed in 2021 and have since performed headline shows across Perth. 

Elsewhere, their debut single Unfair Game received airplay on triple J, a well-deserved footnote for a band who are just getting started. Listen to Daisy Park’s new single Something Real below.