A look back on some of Kylie Minogue’s career-defining fashion moments

From aughties tour outfits to legendary music video costumes, we’re counting down Kylie Minogue’s career-defining fashion moments.  

Few artists are ubiquitous enough to warrant a mononymous title. Madonna. Prince. Cher. Adele. And, perhaps most fittingly given her 55th birthday today (February 20), the one and only Kylie. The internationally renowned musician is Australia’s best-selling female recording artist, and OBE title holder, a beloved Neighbours alumnus and, more recently, a headliner of World Pride 2023‘s Live and Proud opening event kicking off in Sydney this week (February 24).  

Kylie Minogue on stage
Credit: Samir Hussein/WireImage

In honour of the pop star’s milestones, and in reminiscence of her decades-spanning discography, we’re taking a look back at Kylie Minogue’s most iconic fashion moments, spanning her the reaches of her music career as well as off stage forrays. Without further ado, these are Kylie’s best looks, costumes and wardrobe moments that we just Can’t Get Out Of [Our] Head.

Gold hot pants — Spinning Around

No pair of shorts has catapulted someone to the spotlight quite like Minogue’s golden hot pants. Worn during the music video for her 2000 smash hit Spinning Around, the shorts promptly became synonymous with Minogue’s pop-girl brand. The golden pants have since been stored at the Australian Performing Arts Collection ( an arm of Arts Centre of Melbourne), which describes them as “one of the most identifiable items of contemporary popular culture.

Neighbours overalls.

So beloved was Minogue’s Ramsay street resident Charlene Robinson that Neighbours producers her to return for the soap opera’s series-ending (or so we thought) finale last year. Now synonymous with Minogue’s girl-next-door image, the blemished khaki overalls worn by Robinson were integral to the character of Robinson, and have likewise been acquired by the Arts Centre of Melbourne. Last year, Minogue credited much of her early success to her role as the student mechanic on the series.      

Kylie Minogue Neighbours overalls
Credit: KDB Pty Ltd

Naughts and crosses at The Delinquent’s premiere

Minogue turned heads in 1989, when she wore a sequinned noughts and crosses mini dress to the London premiere of her debut feature film The Delinquents. The look was made all the more eye-popping in its accompaniment by her then-boyfriend Michael Hutchence — co-founder of INXS —who donned a sparkly ‘fit somewhat unprecedented for a rock star of his time. The only thing more starry than the couple themselves was this dazzling premiere look.  

Kylie Minogue Michael Hutchenace
Credit: Mick Hutson/Redferns

White jumpsuit — Can’t Get You Out of My Head

Arguably Minogue’s most iconic fashion statement in history, the slinky all-white jumpsuit worn for the Can’t Get You Out of My Head music video was only matched by the smashing success of the 2001 banger itself. Decked out with a hooded headpiece and navel-revealing neckline, the jumpsuit was befitting for the more futuristic sound of Minogue’s music at the time, and well-matched for the choreography required for the visuals of her Fever lead single. 

Burlesque tour ‘fit — 2006 Showgirl Homecoming tour

A more recent entry into Minogue’s ever-stylish wardrobe, the 2006 Showgirl Homecoming tour consisted of, fittingly enough, the singer’s most showy costumes to date. With a designer list that reads like a best-of compilation of fashion’s biggest names, the wardrobe personnel for the 20-date tour included John Galliano, Karl Lagerfeld and Dolce & Gabbana. Perhaps the most memorable look was the frilly burlesque costume worn during Minogue’s performance of Light Years single On a Night Like This.

Kylie Minogue Showgirl Homecoming tour
Credit: Getty Images

Kylie the fembot — KylieFever2002

Again enlisting Dolce and Gabbana, Minogue donned a diamante-encrusted mini skirt and metallic thigh-high boots for her 2002 tour Kylie Fever 2002. The futuristic look recalled that of her Fever era, with this specific costume enjoyed by audiences across more than 35 shows throughout Australia, the UK and Europe. Minogue sported the choker fembot moment during the tour’s opening act, and it was dismantled to make way for a dramatic costume change within the setlist. 

Kylie Minogue Kylie Fever 2002 tour
Credit: Barry Batchelor/PA; John Gunion/Redferns

For a closer look at Kylie Minogue’s career-defining costumes, check out Art Centre for Melbourne’s new Behind The Seams podcast, where hosts Owen Lambourn and Joseph Berto deep-dive into the popstar’s greatest fashion moments. Listen below.