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Australia’s longest running soap ‘Neighbours’ is coming to an end tonight

After an epically long run on television, Australia’s fav soap Neighbours is calling it a day after 37 years.

If you are anything like us, you are probably trying to cram 20 odd years of Neighbours in before the big finale tonight. So to cut down the frantic screen hours for you, we have put together a quick list of important updates, happenings, and major plot thickenings (lucky for us Neighbours is right up there with some of the slowest moving storylines that give Days of Our Lives a run for their money) for you to read over before you settle in for the endings of all endings, the Neighbours finale.

Neighbours have pulled in the very best for what may be the biggest send-off for any show to date. (still getting over Topher Grace’s brief and uncredited appearance for the finale of That 70’s Show). We can gladly expect Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Guy Pearce, Natalie Imbruglia, Jesse Spencer, Delta Goodrem, Holly Valance, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, and the stunningly beautiful Margot Robbie.

neighbours finale
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In the lead-up to the 90-minute finale, let’s get down to the cold hard soap facts.

Paul and Terese, are playing chess with their hearts, in a will they won’t they game? Having previously booted Paul out because let’s face it, he kinda sucks, Terese is finding life without him kind of tough, and does not like it one bit. Can they make it work? 

Jane has dumped Clive and he is not managing. But just as Jane comes around, a blast from the past in the form of Mike Young (Guy Pearce), sweeps her off her feet. Will Jane choose Clive or the one who got away?

Izzy is back! Essential facts about ole Izzy, she had Karl’s baby.  She also recently claimed to be in love with Karl and Susan’s son, Mal who is her daughter’s half-brother. Is that legal? Anyway, love is as fluid as water on this show, and the easily distracted Izzy has been sidetracked with Shane Ramsay.

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Kyle and Roxy, have returned to cause trouble, with a baby on the way.  

Expect storylines of the love lorn (Chloe – who is harboring deep feels for a ’friend’), star-crossed love (Kiri), and of course grief – (here’s looking at you Mackenzie) who is recently widowed and the coming together of a community because isn’t that what Neighbours is synonymous for?  

Expect the ‘for sale’ signs to litter the front lawns of Ramsey Street, because it also appears that everyone is moving out. How will Susan cope with this paradigm shift? David, Aaron, and Nicolette are heading to New York.

And to tie it all up to perfection, what would Neighbours be without a wedding! The lovable Toadfish and Melanie are preparing to tie the knot.

The Neighbours 90-minute final episode will air tonight at 7.30pm, Thursday, July 28 on 10 and 10 Peach.

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Credit: Ten