Roxy Lotz: The Sydney-based DJ, producer, and vocalist bringing Interstellar Groove to the music scene

With Roxy Lotz’s interstellar grooves, it’s impossible not to get swept away into a dreamy, funky universe that leaves us wanting more.

Roxy Lotz is a rising star in the Sydney music scene, and her infectious energy and groovy beats have earned her a spot on the lineups of top festivals and events.

The Eora/Sydney-based independent DJ, producer, and vocalist has been making waves since her debut at Oxford Art Factory in 2019, and she’s only gaining momentum. With a passion for funk, groovy beats, and song selection, Roxy has secured spots at some of the hottest clubs and events in the city, supporting acts like Cosmos Midnight, The Jungle Giants, and Berlin’s Palms Trax.

roxy Lotz

But Roxy’s talent extends beyond the DJ booth. She’s a singer and violin player, and her love for music led her to production while studying music at university. Her connection to Ableton was instant, and now, four years later, she’s sitting on a bank of unreleased music that’s sure to turn heads.

Her latest release, “Interstellar Groove,” is a testament to Roxy’s unique sound. Written during lockdown, the track is about going the distance in love and friendship, and it’s a sparkling, uplifting bop that’s sure to get you moving. The production is atmospheric and groovy, with infectious bass and funky beats that make it impossible to sit still. The vocals are light and fun, perfectly complementing the theme of the song.

It’s clear that Roxy’s passion for music shines through in every aspect of her work, and her innate love for grooves is a defining feature of her production sound. With dreamy, catchy toplines and a recipe guaranteed to leave you wanting more, Roxy Lotz is an artist to watch in 2023 and beyond. Whether you catch her behind the decks or on the stage, you’re sure to be in for a treat.



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