Sarah Blasko shares two new singles ahead of album release

Sarah Blasko has released two new singles, Only One and I’d Be Lost, from her upcoming album Eternal Run, which is set to be released on November 5 and will follow the success of her 2012 album I Awake. These two songs will also feature on a double A-side single that is being released this Friday September 18 in anticipation of Eternal Run. You can hear Only One and I’d Be Lost here.


On Eternal Run, Blasko told triple J’s Richard Kingsmill “It’s a really different beast. The last album was pretty heavy and it was a mammoth task to put that together and this one was more about dancing and having fun”.
I think for a really long time I’ve always been trying to make a really tight pop record and never quite gone there exactly. But for this one, I wanted to make a real tight, classic love song record.” You can catch Sarah Blasko at the Sydney Opera House at the GRAPHIC festival on October 11.