SAY WHAT?! The acting premier openly supports changes to the lockout law

Acting premier Troy Grant has stated publicly that if next month’s review of the dreaded lockout laws were to change from 1:30am to 3am then he would be in support of it.


Could Sydney’s nightlife be revived? If Troy Grant has anything to do with it, the answer may just be a big fat YES!

The Daily Telegraph have reported that Grant, who’s acting as premier for the coming week whilst Mike Baird works in Northern Territory, is also hoping to end the 10pm closing time for bottle shops across the state.

“Every bit of evidence I’ve seen or heard about, even in my previous experience with liquor accord arrangements, it’s not the lockouts that have the greatest impact, it’s the last drinks,” Grant said.

A full review of the legislation is expected to unfold in August, and will be done by former judge, Ian Callinan.

“If Callinan recommends pushing the lockouts back, I think it’s something we absolutely should do,” Grant continued.

This progression in the matter is following the Keep Sydney Open rally that took place in February, and seen thousands of passionate sydneysiders take to the streets and fight for our nightlife.

Let’s hope that Callinan is as wise as Grant. Then we can once again Party on Wayne, and Party on Garth till the wee hours of the morn – Ahhh, those were the days.