Local legends SCABZ prep to kick off a huge month for Otto’s House Party

With past lineups including such faves as Johnny Hunter, The Pinheads, Okin Osan, and Murray Darling, Otto’s House Party at World Bar has pretty quickly built itself up as one of the best band nights currently being put on in Sydney.

Next month, they’ll continue their run of A+ shows with lineups including SCABZ, Luke Spook, Rosa Maria, The Dandelion, Space Carbonara, SOOK, Party Dozen, and heaps of others.

With sets from SCABZ, The Dandelion, Rosa Maria, SOOK and more, Friday nights in July just got a whole lot better thanks to Otto’s House Party.

Kicking off Otto’s July run of shows will be the self-proclaimed shittest band in Newtown (we disagree), SCABZ. They’ll be joined by a huge group of mates including SOOK, TEX, GOSH, and Plastic Jack.

We had a quick chat with Shaz from SCABZ about their tumultuous and storied history with the World Bar.

HAPPY: I’m told The World Bar is very special to SCABZ. Can you shed some light on why?

SHAZ: World Bar or WELBA has a place in out hearts. I used to run a party on Fridays called MUM and Loz and Larz were always around making the most of my bar tab. A bunch of our songs were written about shit that happened at Welba.

HAPPY: Tell us a little about the night – something you haven’t told the other journos…

SHAZ: We played one of first big gigs at MUM, it was also my last night working at World Bar. Was absolutely ridiculous. Crowd surfing and shots on stage, the whole wanky shebang. Lara broke her ankle walking off stage. We were ‘sposed to have an official after party at Tokyo Sing Song from 3am but only Loz got let in so. Good night.

HAPPY: Have you played there since? Or will this be your first time back in a while?

SHAZ: We haven’t played at Welba since, this show is gonna be a grand homecoming.

HAPPY: And I hear you’re bringing some mates. Care to share a clue?

SHAZ: Yeah Our DJ set at the end will be full of mates! They’re all pretty unreliable so I’m not making any public promises. All I can say for sure is there will be no requests.

HAPPY: It’s the last show on your Starting Line tour – what kind of silliness is planned?

SHAZ: Just the fact we’re back at Welba is silly enough. But yeah I guess young hennos teapots or something? I reckon our song called Locked Out that I wrote while working in the cross when the laws came in will be a time. I’ll see if there is room for a C02 cannon in the budget.

HAPPY: Five words for the punters coming along. Go.

SHAZ: Good bands good beers. Kylie.

HAPPY: What else have you got going on?

SHAZ: Once we finish these shows we’re tucking into recording some new tunes. One called ‘Brett Lee’s Got No I.D (and he can’t get into World Bar)‘ you’ll have to come down to get the full story on that song if you can’t figure it out from the extremely cryptic title.


Check out the full July schedule for Otto’s House Party below:

July 6th – SCABZ, TEX, SOOK, GOSH, Plastic Jack, + Morning TV & Banquet DJs, SCABZ DJ Set
July 13th – Otto’s Friday 13th SPOOKTACULAR – Luke Spook, The Dandelion, Rosa Maria, The Uplifting Bell Ends, Platonic Groupie + Natalie De Silver, King OPP (Straight Arrows) vinyl DJ set, Third Eye Stimuli DJs
July 20th – Sunscreen, Yeevs, Space Carbonara, Velvet Elevator, Hox Loci + Morning TV DJ Set
July 27th – Party Dozen, Shady Nasty + Pastiche / Live Wire / Good Looks

All events at World Bar, Sydney. More info here.