SOOK and SCABZ shoot the shit

SOOK and SCABZ are easily two of the fiercest bands kicking around NSW right now. Both present an attitude that’s hard not to latch onto; they don’t give a fuck what you think, and they’re going to make music whether you like it or not.

In lieu of International Women’s Day and a heavy March touring schedule for both bands, we linked the two of them up for a chat.

sook and scabz interview
Photo: Bee Elton

Rad Bar, unlimited durries and high queen Patti Smith: SOOK and SCABZ shoot the shit on International Women’s Day 2018.

SOOK interviews SCABZ

SOOK: Who is your favourite female artist or artists?

SCABZ: The chief priestess god almighty herself Patti Smith and Kathleen Hannah are the all timers and huge influencers. Currently though St. Vincent, Bec Sandridge, Tired Lion and WAAX are pretty ripper.

SOOK: What’s your favourite venue?

SCABZ: There’s too many mad venues at the moment, The Landy and Botany View are great and Rad is rad, but nowhere compares to the Marlin Hotel in Ulladulla.

SOOK: Tell us about your craziest show so far.

SCABZ: As previously mentioned, the Marlin is the best venue in the world so playing there with Frenzal was easily the most hectic gig we’ve played.

SOOK: What is your favourite tour banger and snack?

SCABZ: Um well this is kind of embarrassing but Eminem has basically been on repeat in the car for our last few road trips. Snack wise any sort of (vegan) crisp.

SOOK: Salty or sweet?

SCABZ: I would have to say we are all v salty.

SCABZ interviews SOOK

SCABZ: Wollongong or Newtown?

SOOK: Wollongong for sure. One of our first ever shows was at Rad so there’s some special memories there. We wish it had a Kelly’s though…

SCABZ: If you had an unlimited budget who would you book to headline SOOKFest?

SOOK: L7 or Sonic Youth if they were still together. They’re huge inspirations for us.

SCABZ: Who were the main influences on your sound/songwriting when you first started?

SOOK: The lyrical style was inspired by Patti Smith, and the rest of it was a mix between Ty Segall and Meatbodies.

SCABZ: If you had a choice between unlimited durries or unlimited beers for the rest of your life what would you choose?

SOOK: Cheyne and Macayla would 100% pick unlimited durries. Sarah would prefer unlimited Midoris. Please try not to make fun of her.

SCABZ: Who is the biggest sook?

SOOK: We all have our moments, but Macayla definitely holds the crown.

Catch SCABZ live:

Fri 17 March – Coburg Velodrome, Melbourne – with The Smith Street Band
Sun 19 March – The Tote, Melbourne
Fri 23 March – The Lansdowne, Sydney – with The Pretty Littles
Fri 6 April – The Unicorn, Sydney – with Crocodylus

Grab all the details here.

Catch SOOK live:

Thurs 8 March – Rad Bar, Wollongong – with White Blanks, Wavevom
Fri 17 March – GIRLS IN GONG – Rad Bar, Wollongong
Fri 30 March – Finbox Boardstore, Thirroul – with Letters to Lions, TEX and more
Wed 4 April – Rad Bar, Wollongong – with Dande and the Lion
Fri 6 April – Rad Bar, Wollongong – with Donnarumma

Grab all the details here.