Despite appearing at Hillsong Conference in 2019, Scotty claimed he hasn’t attended the church in 15 years

Following the resignation of Brian Houston this week, Scott Morrison has denied his very public involvement with Hillsong church.

After internal investigations found that Hillsong leader Brian Houston behaved inappropriately towards two women, Scotty is doing his best to distance himself from his beloved Hillsong church.

Despite video footage showing that Morrison clearly attended a Hillsong event in 2019, the PM has claimed that he hasn’t attended the church in more than a decade.

Scott Morrison Hillsong
Credit: Gary Ramage

“I must admit we were very disappointed and shocked to hear the news,’’ Morrison said. “I haven’t been at Hillsong now for about 15 years. I go to a local church in my own community, a Pentecostal church.”

In fairness, it does feel like 15 years since 2019, but maybe it’s time to own up to your misleading claims, Scotty.

If you look deeply into the technicalities of the PM’s statement, the conference did take place at Sydney Olympic Park, rather than Hillsong’s usual church.

But even if Morrison is technically correct, he can’t deny having close ties to Houston, naming him as one of three people “who have been instrumental in my journey” during his inaugural speech to parliament.

In fact, Scotty and his wife, Jenny, seemed pretty proud to be Hillsong attendees at that same conference, with Morrison stating that the pair had attended the church, “many, many, times” as he joined Houston on stage to open the conference.

As usual, Grace Tame summed up the situation perfectly on Twitter, writing that she hopes Scott Morrison is held to “the same level of ownership over his past” as she was for the leaked photo of her holding a bong.