See the photo collection from 1965-1967 of Andy Warhol’s secretive Factory, as captured by Stephen Shore

While he may have been surrounded by some of the world’s most famous cultural figures at the time, Stephen Shore was just a fly on the wall at Andy Warhol’s Factory between 1965 and 1967. Shore has now become a renowned photographer, and he’s just released a collection documenting his time there.

Shore was given permission by Warhol himself to take photographs of the artist’s inner circle, and the collaboration started simply: he walked up to Andy Warhol and asked if he could do it. One month later Shore received a phone call: “We’re filming at a restaurant called L’Avventura; do you want to come and take pictures?”

andy warhol
Warhol on fire escape of the Factory, 231 East 47th Street

When he was 17, Stephen Shore was the lens to Andy Warhol’s inner circle. His new book showcases the candid moments of his time at The Factory.

The photographs show a sleuth of influential celebrities of the period; Edie SedgwickGerard Malanga, Susan Bottomly, Paul Morrissey, Billy Name, Lou Reed, Nico, John Cale and Warhol himself.

See some of the photos below. Factory: Andy Warhol is available now.


Gerard Malanga
Lou Reed
John Cale, Jan Cramer, Paul Morrissey, Nico, Malanga
Malanga and Sally Kirkland
Yoko Ono
Pornography in The Factory bathroom

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