800 copies and counting: meet the world’s most dedicated collector of The Velvet Underground and Nico memorabilia

50 years ago this week The Velvet Underground released their dingy magnum opus The Velvet Underground and Nico, the ‘Banana Album’ produced and covered by Andy Warhol.

It’s iconic status, unforgettable record sleeve and cultural relevance have long made this album a prized piece for vinyl and memorabilia collectors, but one man from New York named Mark Satlof has taken things to the next level.

Images: NPR
Images: NPR

How obsessed can one person be with a single album? Mark Satlof has taken The Velvet Underground and Nico collecting to a world of his own.

Currently Satlof’s collection entails over 800 copies of the record, including rare covers, signed discs and just about every other unique variation you could think of.

But the collection isn’t limited to vinyl. Original memorabilia which ran with the album, or since the album became popular, also line the shelves of his New York accomodation.

Check out a few photos below, and head to NPR for a full interview with Satlof.


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