Sorry mates: Spotify will only play you this song if it’s raining

Scratch that, Australians won’t even be able to listen to it at all. In a partnership with adventure wear company The North Face, Spotify has announced that you will only be able to stream White Denim’s new song No Nee Ta Slode Aln available for streaming in US regions where it’s currently raining.

The impossibly named tune soundtracks the campaign for a new North Face jacket, and while the idea in itself is pretty amazing, the whole thing is pretty annoying.

spotify rain white denim weather activated the north face doctor who david tennant

Hope you didn’t want to just listen to the new White Denim song, because Spotify will only let you if it’s pissing down.

The potential for geo-targeted and weather-targeted streaming is novel, sure, but as we’ve learned from years of widespread online piracy, restriction often breeds that kind of bad behaviour. Fans outside the US, or those who live in deserts, will likely just pirate this track.

Sure, White Denim and The North Face will get some sick publicity for the move, but if you simply wanted to hear a new track from the Austin band, you’ll be left out in the rain.

Meanwhile Spotify recently did some sneaky A/B testing on a new lossless service. What will they get up to next?

Via Pitchfork.