“smartphone finger” anyone? Sexting has hit an all-time high

Whether it’s in the form of the come hither high stylings of a celebrity nude, a classic dirty 70’s pic, or a cute candid flirty suggestive reveal, sexting it seems is as prevalent as ever.

It seems we are well and truly in the midst of the sexting era. While there is still more research that needs to be done regarding the overall pros and cons, the newest data suggests that it is slowly becoming a normal part of the modern exploration of sexuality. 

Sexting hit an all-time high with the recent lockdown, surprise surprise, and has shown no signs of leveling off just yet. Let’s take a look at the top 10 stats below to find out how we are sexting in 2022. 

j lo nude selfie 2022
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1. There are loads of pros and cons when it comes to this particular art form, and it should be considered an art form, after all, who knows where your private sext will end up, stats show that 1 – 12 sexts are forwarded without consent, you might wanna reconsider before you hit send.

2. Electronically sharing sexual text messages, images, and videos still seem to hold a taboo, despite numbers clearly showing that most of us engage in it (eight out of ten adults, to be exact). 

3. Women are sexting more than men. While there are fewer women than men using dating apps, sexting is a bit different. According to a recent study, women are even more likely to initiate sexting than men and suggests that females send sexually suggestive messages slightly more than males do.

4. Numbers show that 62% of millennials sext at least once a month, while 48% do it at least once a week.

5. 52.3% of adults have reluctantly engaged in sexting.

6. 8 in 10 adults aged between 18 and 82 report having done it at least once.

7. 63% use sexting to appear funny or flirtatious.

8. Two-thirds of women have sent naked or semi-naked photos, compared to about one-half of men.

9. 62% of millennials sext at least once a month, while 48% do it at least once a week. 

10. Married adults do sext each other significantly less than young adults in relationships. According to sexting statistics, their sexting mostly consists of sexy or intimate talk (29%), while only 12% engage in sharing sexually explicit photos or videos. Additionally, they reported that sexting improved their relationship satisfaction. Specifically, it alleviated attachment anxiety in women, while men experienced higher relationship satisfaction. 

A hot selfie can send an affirmative body-positive message, being comfortable in your skin, equates to being comfortable with who you are which counts for a lot. Sexting can be used as a platform to encourage an open and honest dialogue about your romantic, and sexual desires and preferences, and it can certainly keep things exciting, especially for those in long-term relationships.

For additional and safe information on sexting head to Get the Facts.

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