Genre-defying trance trio MY BABY have unleashed MOUNAIKI

Hypnotic trance-pop trio MY BABY have wowed audiences the world over with their unique sound primed by gospel, blues and ancient folk melodies.

The Dutch/Kiwi three-piece have just released their fourth studio album MOUNAIKI, a genre-defying exploration into the psyche fed by transcendence, eccentricity and mystery.

Hypnotic trance-trio MY BABY have unleashed MOUNAIKI, their genre-defying fourth studio album primed by gospel, blues and shamanic folk energy.

MY BABY combines the sounds of raw ’70s punk, Afro desert blues, Moroccan Gwana, Indian raga and trance-infused EDM.

Their sound is made even purer by the fact that they refrain from using computers or samples; they have mastered their sounds using analogue equipment, with just guitars and drums forming the base of their music.

MOUNAIKI is a concept album, a story following the enigmatic figure ‘My Baby’ that the band have named themselves after. As guitarist Daniel ‘Da Freez’ Johnston elaborates:

“We thought it would be interesting to start with writing a story that follows the narratology of the hero’s journey. This offers a template for a tale that involves a hero who goes on an adventure, overcomes a crisis and returns home transformed.”

“A story that takes place during the course of a night. It starts in early evening as the sun sets and the final stages take place at dawn. The songs on the album are meant to accompany the story.”

Drummer and vocalist Joost Sheik van Dijck explains the title MOUNAIKI and the motives of the main character;

“Mounaiki is the shamanistic name given to the main character and to the experience she goes through. A ‘spirit name’, if you like. It means ‘love and will’, or the combined energy of love. The character’s quest to find meaning and identity leads her to a path of transformation.”

Singer and lead guitarist Cato van Dijck added:

“This way of working allowed us to be very diverse in our songwriting. The labyrinthian dreamlike world, where the character travels through different ages, inspired us to delve into jazz and ragtime from the twenties, the American songbook of the thirties as well as film scores from forties film noir and Italian neorealism.”

The band are just about to undertake a mammoth trans-Tasman tour, playing a massive string of shows across Australia and New Zealand throughout December all the way to March. Australian fans can catch them at the Gasometer or Rainbow Serpent in January or at WOMADelaide in March.


MOUNAIKI is out now via Prehistoric Rhythm Records.

NZ Tour Dates

30 Dec 2018 – AUM festival – Auckland
31 Dec 2018 – Rhythm n Alps – Wanaka
5 Jan 2019 – Blue Smoke – Christchurch
11 Jan 2019 – Meow – Wellington
12 Jan 2019 – Cabana – Napier
17 Jan 2019 – Yot Club – Raglan
18 Jan 2019 – Soundplash festival – Raglan
19 Jan 2019 – Neck of the Woods – Auckland
20 Jan 2019 – Totara st – Mt Maunganui
31 Jan-5 Feb, 2019 –  Luminate festival – Canaan Downs
8 Feb 2019- Golden Bear – Mapua
9 Feb 2019- Marlborough Wine and Food festival – Marlborough
15 and 17 March, 2019- Womad – New Plymouth

Australian Tour Dates

23 Jan 2019 – Gasometer – Melbourne, Australia
25 Jan 2019, Rainbow serpent – Lexton Victoria, Australia
9 March 2019- Womadelaide – Adelaide, Australia
11 March 2019- Womadelaide – Adelaide, Australia