Sharl Explores Love’s Intensity in ‘Changed Too Much’: New Single and Evocative Music Video

Forging a fresh sound through new singles like ‘Changed Too Much’, pop singer Sharl explores love’s intensity with her upcoming album, Clichés.

Australian talent Sharl, known for her defiantly independent approach to pop music, emerged as a prolific force during Melbourne’s COVID-19 lockdown of 2022.

Her recognized debut album, “City Lights,” featuring ten captivating tracks, was accompanied by the release of three additional singles, showcasing her relentless creativity.


Not one to rest on her laurels, she’s returned to the fore with a catchy new single, ‘Changed Too Much’, the second from her upcoming second album Clichés.

Produced by Daniel Bohen, an emerging maverick of the synth world who specialises in pop, hip hop and EDM, ‘Changed Too Much’ is immediately gripping in its bold directness and darkly brooding atmosphere. 

Throughout ‘Changed Too Much’, Sharl ruminates on the sorrowful process of fault lines that form into cracks in human relationships over time, and can lead to lost love and separation. Her lyrics are written to capture screenshots of different feelings and moments throughout our lives, which can be deep and candid at times. 

‘Changed Too Much’ is complemented by a new music video, directed by Malaysian filmmaker Darius Chan, and starring fellow emerging artist NeeQ. After music video collaborations with Hustle Dance Crew for ‘Outside’ and international critical acclaim for her debut music video ‘I Fell In Love’, directed by George Tsotsos, ‘Changed Too Much’s video’s release will, yet again, prove Sharl’s contributions as an on-screen performer and visual storyteller.  

From being previously signed to an independent record label in the UK to re-emerging creatively as a solo artist last year, Sharl is back on her own terms to make a name for herself in the wilderness of Australian pop music.

Over the last few years, her unstoppable talent has led her to reaching the semi-finals of the International Songwriting Competition, and a performance on the main stage of the Virgin Australia AFL Footy Festival in September last year. 

With her new collaborators like Daniel Bohen on board, Sharl is now setting out to assemble a new string of singles before the launch of Clichés. Her album will come with a new, bold sound to offer ‘pure escapism’ for listeners, through which she’ll lyrically explore intense angles of love. 

Listen to ‘Changed Too Much’, below:

Review by Corin Shearston