Siena Larsson delivers a sweet dose of pop melancholia in ‘Useless Information’

Immerse yourself in Siena Larsson’s single ‘Useless Information’ and let her poppy, yet melancholy, portrayal of love and life wash over you

Siena’s latest single, “Useless Information,” beautifully captures the essence of heartbreak, resonating with the raw emotions that follow the end of a love story.

Released just in time for those navigating through the complexities of Valentine’s Day – whether intentional or not, the song hits the mark. Its perfect guitar twangs echo the pangs of heartache, creating a soothing yet melancholic melody.

siena larrson

The lyrics of the track delicately encapsulate the aftermath of a broken heart, exploring the remnants of once-significant details that now serve as poignant reminders of a love lost.

Siena skillfully weaves a narrative that delves into the sense of disconnection, the yearning for what’s no longer there, and the realisation that what was once crucial is now a part of the past.

Hailing from North Queensland, her unique fusion of pop influences and honest lyricism creates a captivating sound.

Inspired by artists like Julia Michaels, Maisie Peters, and JP Saxe, Siena combines classical, jazz, and contemporary vocal training to craft a voice that is distinctly hers.

“Useless Information” serves as a testament to life’s heartbreaking moments, presenting them authentically. 

siena larrson

Siena shares a personal anecdote about the song, recounting the overwhelming flood of memories post-breakup and the realisation that the information she once held about her ex had become irrelevant.

The melody, characterised by twanging guitars, melodic repetition, and instrumental depth, mirrors the journey of letting go and finding strength.

The lyrics masterfully capture the bittersweet nature of remembering an ex, emphasising the emotional weight carried by seemingly trivial details.

Feelings of isolation and disconnection are expertly conveyed, offering a realistic portrayal of the complexities of love and loss.

Despite the pain, the song suggests that the experience of lost love provides valuable takeaways that shape and strengthen the individual.

Siena’s voice and inspiration shine through in the emotional honesty of her lyrics and the unique sound she creates.

By sharing her personal experiences, she connects with listeners on a profound level, offering a comforting companion for those navigating the intricate landscapes of love and loss.

“Useless Information” stands as a powerful ode to resilience, reminding us that even in the face of heartbreak, there is strength to be found, and that it’s better to remember lost love with love, than any of the lesser emotions.

It’s beautiful, it’s poignant, its cathartic – and above all else it’s a musical journey that heals the heart as much as it speaks to it.

Listen to “Useless Information” below.