Waxahatchee gloriously traverses the emotional spectrum in new single ‘Bored’

Waxahatchee drops ‘Bored’ a stunning prelude to forthcoming album ‘Tigers Blood’

Indie-Americana luminary, Waxahatchee, has dropped a dope preview of her upcoming album, “Tigers Blood,” with the release of the single “Bored.”

The album is set to hit the shelves on March 22nd under the ANTI- Records label, and “Bored” delivers a visceral glimpse into the emotional depth that defines Waxahatchee’s songwriting.

The accompanying music video for “Bored,” shot at Devil’s Backbone Tavern in Fischer, Texas, adds a rollicking visual narrative to the intense musicality.

Directed by Corbett Jones & Nick Simonite, the video captures the essence of the song’s emotional core.

Katie Crutchfield, the driving force behind Waxahatchee, reveals that “Bored” was born out of a need to explore a different emotional landscape.

She states, “I feel like my comfort zone when writing songs lies somewhere on the emotional spectrum of sadness and heartache. Writing from a place of happiness scares me. Too earnest. Anger scares me even more.

I wrote ‘Bored’ about one of those situations where anger was called for and was the only authentic place from which to write about what I was experiencing. It was a challenge for me, and ‘Bored’ is the end result.”

The release follows the announcement of “Tigers Blood” with the track “Right Back to It,” highlighting Crutchfield’s evolution into a musical powerhouse. The album features collaborations with MJ Lenderman, Spencer Tweedy, Phil Cook, and trusted producer Brad Cook.

Crutchfield shares that she wrote most of the songs during a “hot hand spell” while on tour in 2022. Returning to collaborate with producer Brad Cook at Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, Texas—the same locale where they crafted the acclaimed 2020 album “Saint Cloud”—Crutchfield embraces a creative process synonymous with her groundbreaking sound.

“Saint Cloud” marked a pivotal moment for Waxahatchee, achieving critical acclaim despite its release during the pandemic.

Now, with “Tigers Blood,” Crutchfield delves even deeper into her introspective lyricism, presenting a complex and beautiful album that is poised to resonate with audiences once again.

As the release date approaches, anticipation builds for the next chapter in Waxahatchee’s musical journey.

Check out ANTI Records and check out the full track list below.

waxahatchee togres blood album 2024

Tigers Blood

1. 3 Sisters
2. Evil Spawn
3. Ice Cold
4. Right Back To It
5. Burns Out At Midnight
6. Bored
7. Lone Star Lake
8. Crimes Of The Heart
9. Crowbar
10. 365
11. The Wolves
12. Tigers Blood