LOVECOLOR premiere anthemic Valentines Day ode ‘Hearts On Fire’

Meet the multi-talented duo that is Vanessa Silberman and Ryan Carnes; with too many credits to name, the pair have decidedly joined forces

Vanessa Silberman is known for her array of contributions to the DIY music scene, touring and playing hundreds of shows across the US, UK and Europe in support of her two EP’s and various singles.

An engineer who has worked with the likes of Foo Fighters and Joan Jett, Silberman additionally owns and operates her own record label A Diamond Heart Production.


Ryan Carnes, primarily an actor prior to LOVECOLOR, is known for his work in Desperate Housewives, Letters From Iwo Jima and The Phantom.

From opposing ends of the artistic spectrum, Silberman and Carnes seemed to have developed a unique musical connection.

Beginning their journey in 2019, LOVECOLOR have released three previous singles, each amassing interest.

With a keen focus on the positive, LOVECOLOR emerge as a dazzling synth-pop duo.

Hearts On Fire showcases the duo’s propensity for sprawling synths, melodic pop hooks and dreamy production.

Drawing comparisons to CHVRCHES and The 1975. Equally reminscient of The Wombats Glitterbug, Hearts On Fire channels the same eighties dazzle with an underlying sense of euphoria.

Simple pop lyricism with undoubtedly catchy hooks and a soothing vocal lead us delicately into the world of LOVECOLOR. Imaginative, transcendent and liberating, Hearts On Fire is the perfect Valentine’s Day soundtrack. A proclamation of love and desire, the track does away with pretence and instead ushers in a sense of deeply felt celebration.

There is a lack of emphasis on joyous, unabashed pop music in today’s industry. LOVECOLOR seek to fill this gap, proving that unadulterated love and happiness can be an affective source of musical inspiration. Hearts On Fire exists in colour, a glowing array of pinks and yellows. Uplifting without being cheesy, the single takes itself seriously enough to be completely free of burden. Its only goal is to spread a feeling of lightness and tangible warmth, which it succeeds in doing almost immediately.

It’s hard to write about happiness without seeming trite. LOVECOLOR prove that positive emotion can be just as endearing, impressive and memorable the opposite.

Hearts On Fire is a pure delight, one full of moments to delve deeply amongst.

Presave here.