Track by track with Terra Rouge: Delve into the treasure trove that is ‘So F*cking Over It’

“So F*cking Over It” by Terra Rouge is a treasure trove of musical gold, with each track revealing a different facet of the artist’s brilliance

Terra Rouge takes us on a track-by-track journey through their latest release, “So F*cking Over It.” The odyssey begins with “Fuckboy,” not just a comedic anthem but a cleverly titled entryway into the album’s overarching theme.

The grungy resilience of “Two Faced” follows, leading to “Poison Heart,” “Six Feet Under” – the emotional epicenter and a rare gem paying tribute to a lost friend – and “Let it Burn,” a golden exploration of universal struggles against obsessive love.

terra rouge premiere

The voyage continues through “Deals with the Devil” and concludes with the whimsical “Rock ‘N’ Roll Band,” a golden finale that echoes the enduring spirit of youthful dreams.

Each track unfolds as a precious piece, collectively contributing to the rich and varied emotional landscape of Terra Rouge’s debut album.


“Fuckboy” is a comedic hate bop written about the horrid men that everyone has had to deal with at some point in their lives. I wrote this track in my teenage years frustrated from the many experiences I’d had with men who had treated me like I was nothing. A sadly relatable topic, my lyrical intention was to create a humorous story out of countless tragic situations. As a listener, I hope that anyone who has had to deal with a “Fuckboy” can scream along and similarly release some of that pain and anger as well. 

A small Easter egg that you may notice if you pay attention to the lyrics is that the first line of the song, “I’m so f*cking over it”, is also the title of the album! This is a technique that I decided to incorporate throughout my releases, starting with my debut EP “Black Scars and Diamond Hearts” (named after the first line of the first track “Sunset Smile”).

My intent with this idea is that the first line of the album should tell the audience the meaning of the whole story all the tracks tell. The line and album title “So F*cking Over It” beautifully sums up not only this particular track, but the overarching theme of the whole album too. 

Two Faced 

“Two Faced” is a grungy anthem about the difficulties of navigating the world of teen friendships, and how they don’t always end well. This track was written in the aftermath of a “friendship break up”. At the time I struggled so much with the idea that someone that I trusted and loved so deeply could turn around and hurt me so badly. I felt absolutely blindsided, betrayed and most of all…. stupid.

Much like “Fuckboy” the only way I knew how to make any light of this situation was to write a fun song about it. Whilst the lyrics are far from kind and DEFINITELY get straight to the point, it is for sure a song that you can dance along to.

Poison Heart 

“Poison Heart” is a slow but strong poet ballad that tells the story of a toxic love (a theme I clearly love to incorporate into a lot of my songs). A teenage love and tragedy, I wrote this track about letting yourself be engulfed in a relationship that you know isn’t good for you.

My intention with this track was to write the lyrics like you were reading a poem, using a range of metaphors and personifications to treat the relationship as if it were literally a poison. An important message to take with me in life, usually when your friends tell you that a guy isn’t good for you, they are right.

Six Feet Under 

“Six Feet Under” is a sorrowful and melancholy track written about the sudden and unexpected loss of a loved one. At 17 years old, one of my high school friends decided that they would finally find peace by cutting their life far too short.

Dealing with the loss of someone close to you is never easy, especially in such unexpected and avoidable circumstances. The decision to write this track was tough, as whilst I put a lot of my life stories on display, this is a much deeper and personal one.

However, in the end I decided that this song would be a beautiful tribute to my friends life. When you listen, you will realise that lyrically, instrumentally, and musically it is much different to the rest of the album.

I’m not supposed to have favourites, but I think for that reason, this is probably the track I love most. I hope that others can find peace within this bittersweet story, and I hope my friend has too. 

Let it burn 

“Let it burn” is a track about being in love with some but not wanting to. Wanting to let that love burn and crumble away in fear that it will ultimately consume you.

Funnily enough, this track was not born out of a heartbreak or unrequited love story, yet was rather just a concept suggested to me by my drummer. Sorry to burst the bubble of anyone that might be doing a deep dive into the meaning of my songs!

Whilst this track was not created from a real story, it is a situation that I’m sure a lot of us have dealt with, in which we just want to lead our lives but can’t escape a stupid obsessive crush.

Deals with the Devil 

“Deals with the Devil” is a track about being obsessively in love with another woman. This track was written when I first started exploring my sexuality, and instead of falling for a boy, I fell for a girl (finally).

This is the first song I ever wrote about another girl, and unlike the songs that I write about men, I wrote the lyrics in a type of celebrity-fan relationship style.

Female relationships are something that you don’t often find portrayed in music, so I thought it would be really cool to explore that more within my songwriting.

Not only is this track an extremely sexy and fun bop to dance along to, it is a bi anthem that women so desperately need.

Rock ’N’ Roll Band

“Rock ’N’ Roll Band” is a fun child-like bop about growing up dreaming of being a famous rockstar. The idea for this track arose from both the love and hatred I have for being a musician.

Don’t get me wrong, music has always meant the absolute world to me, and being a musician is what I have always grown up wanting to do. However, as we grow up, life gets harder and our dreams seem to become more and more impossible to reach.

Even when people make it feel like we are succeeding, generally it feels like we are not, especially in the world today where we can just hop on social media and compare ourselves to anyone we want.

I wrote “Rock ’N’ Roll Band” as musically and lyrically I wanted to take my audience, as well as myself, back to a time when anything was possible.

To when you were a kid, when you could have the biggest dreams and feel like there was nothing that could ever get in your way of achieving them.

I hope that this song acts as a beacon of hope to people that similarly feel this way, as it does for me. Some day, I hope, wish, and know I can achieve all of the dreams that little me had. And I hope she is proud.