Sarah Valintine’s “Dancing” is a playful anthem perfect for letting loose and having fun

Sarah Valintine’s new track ‘Dancing’ is here to sweep you off your feet and straight onto the dance floor

This sparkling new gem from Tāmaki Makaurau-based artist Sarah Valintine channels the best of 90s guitar pop, blending a classic yet alternative edge that’s guaranteed to get stuck in your head.

Produced by Tom Broome and featuring some impressive guitar work by Brett Adams, “Dancing” is a playful anthem perfect for letting loose and having fun.

Think of it as the perfect partner to Bill Callahan’s “Too Many Birds.” While Callahan’s song explores the depths of overthinking with a dark beauty, “Dancing” offers a lighter, poppier antidote. It’s just as introspective, but wrapped in a sun-drenched, joyful package. Imagine Callahan’s musings reimagined through a lens of pure, effervescent happiness.

Sarah’s vocals are the heart of the song – bright, honest, and overflowing with emotion. It’s like she’s sharing a secret about love, freedom, and the simple joy of living in the present moment.

The lyrics paint a picture of romance and freedom, inviting you to let go and dance under the stars. The catchy chorus is especially powerful, urging you to lose yourself in the music and embrace the power of dance. It’s a beautiful reminder that sometimes, the best way to deal with overthinking – especially when it comes to romance – is to move your body and let the music take over.

The production on “Dancing” is a perfect example of Sarah’s artistic vision coming to life with the help of Broome and Adams. The interplay between the deft guitar work and the crisp drums creates a rich, airy soundscape that elevates the song. The bridge offers a brief moment of introspection with some stunning guitar depth before the infectious chorus sweeps you back up again. It’s a masterclass in building a song that’s both emotionally satisfying and irresistibly danceable.

“Dancing” is a testament to Sarah’s growth as an artist. It’s a confident, polished, and utterly delightful follow-up to her 2022 releases “Falling” and “Words.” This song isn’t just music – it’s an experience, a celebration of love, dance, and living in the moment.

“Dancing” is a must-listen for anyone who wants to rediscover their love for music and dance. So take off your shoes, find the nearest starry night, and let Sarah Valintine’s enchanting new single take you away.