Terra Rouge is So F*cking Over It on debut record

Though she may be young, Terra Rouge is mighty. Her debut record is full of venom, feminine rage and personal narratives

Brianna Brady is no stranger to the stage. A performer since she was just fifteen, her debut record fulfils the anticipation of the Melbourne underground scene.

Along with her band, The Redbacks, Terra Rouge is set to embark on her first Australian tour on the heels of So F*cking Over It, a seven track album that explodes with the energy of someone at the beginning of their journey.

terra rouge premiere


Terra Rouge pulls no punches, opening the record with both the title in the first lyric of Fuckboy.

The track tells the tale of the boys in question, how they came to meet and all of the stunts pulled thereafter.

Terra’s vocal emerges distorted and distant, just a single electric guitar to accompany her until we hear the sound of a tape flicking.

Terra exudes frustration with a catchy chorus melody, albeit with a sense of melancholy. Terra is crass, unfiltered and unashamed.

Two Faced follows suit, sporadic guitars and an old-school 50s rock inspired groove setting the foundation.

Terra once again calls out the object of the song, lying all her truths bare.

Poison Heart has a more sinister tone, a gothic theme emerging; one that recalls the same uneasy energy of Pretty Little Liars.

Perhaps its all the talk of a dead body that encourages this comparison, or the tinkling piano that builds a constant tension.

Continuing this trajectory of metaphorical death, Six Feet Under is perhaps the most vulnerable moment on So F*cking Over It. Channelling the likes of Olivia Rodrigo and Conan Gray, Terra Rouge taps into something that only seems available to the younger artists of today.

The songwriting excels, making Six Feet Under a highlight.

Let It Burn and Deals With The Devil reignite the vitriolic underbelly of So F*cking Over It, leaning more into a classic rock and modern pop blend of sound.

The closer, Rock N’ Roll Band is a charming, dominant ending to an intense journey.

With lyrics akin to The Pretty Reckless, we see a more upbeat face of Terra Rouge.

So F*cking Over It is a manifesto of sorts.

It would be interesting to hear Terra Rouge with glossy production, but this debut ensures that such is yet to come.

Stay tuned for Terra Rouge’s album drop via spotify:

Photos: Harper Owen