From England to California, The Oze presents his debut EP from the coast of Italy

Interrupted by the pandemic and a few life changing decisions, Tom Neale AKA The Oze finally brings his Inner Space Blues to life

Guitarist and composer Tom Neale fuses his passions and ambitions on his debut EP Inner Space Blues. Years in the making, Neale is now based in Rimini, Italy.

His EP is eloquent and intriguing, a smooth and intricate blend of soul, psych rock and modern pop.

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Opening with the title track, Inner Space Blues is vaguely reminiscent of James Blake, albeit a little faster and fuller.

Neale’s voice is soft and controlled, with a beautiful falsetto and a nicely arranged balance of vocal layers.

His guitar solo is a showcase of technique, but with the context of his history and the already immersive vocals and production it feels perfectly suited.

All this combined with spoken word samples and a projection of a salvageable future, Inner Space Blues is a formidable introduction.

Sponsored Content 1 (Datascan) is spacey, enough to make you feel like you’re on board an actual spacecraft with Ellen Ripley.

A robotic voice intones a list of complaints and concerns regarding the modern world, some amusing and some astute. This speech exists over a collection of acoustic guitar and Neale’s layered, ethereal vocals.

If Radiohead let the computer speak for itself, this would have been the result.

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Bringing the limelight again to Neale’s vocals, Faith In UFOs is gentle and moving.

Restrained percussion, dazzling electric guitar and soothing acoustic with Neale’s combination of falsetto and deepening layered vocals.

Once again a voice from beyond appears, deep and alien-like as it professes the sanctity of the Earth.

My Own Projections begins with an old-school Ben Howard-like intertwining of riffs.

Folky, with a few minor chord shifts that once again bring forth Thom Yorke comparisons.

The EP concludes with Sponsored Content 2 (53rd Calypso). Another folk infused, delicate number.

The Oze has a clear sense of his musical sensibility, and has created a world of sound and genre that offers a portal to another world.

Unique enough to pique interest though not too acquired to alienate potential listeners, Neale is onto something fresh and compelling.

Listen to Inner Space Blues below.