JACK.G premiers video for new single Welcome To My Darkness

Welcome to the new era of JACK.G, an electro-pop fever dream that takes its cues from the likes of Joy Division and Depeche Mode

The new single from Naarm based artist JACK.G is an exploration of sound and reality, accompanied by a music video directed by Luke Thomas.

The clip follows Jack from various angles as his tattooed limbs dance throughout the back streets of Melbourne, with a microphone glued to his hand and a loose lead following his every turn. Just this image alone is reminiscent of the 80s, though combined with his modern style presents a fun dichotomy.

Opening with layered arpeggiated synths and elevated by a simple yet thunderous beat, Welcome To My Darkness is entrancing from the outset.

The slightly blurred camera lens and overhead shots that perpetually zoom in and out give the feeling of someone watching from above, instantly creating the 80s imagery and feel to accompany Jack’s production.

There’s an iconic look to Jack’s video, his red shorts and black hat and sunglasses combined with his farmers tan and intricate body art make for a memorable sight.

His commitment to his movement is charming and enjoyable, as well as cool and confident. Welcome To My Darkness is short and sweet, though it traverses plenty of ground in its three-minute span.

Vocally Jack morphs between a guttural 80s growl and a deep spoken word. The chorus sees him open up, raising his tone while holding onto his dramatics.

It only feels like his voice his there for a moment though, the melodic dance over before it begins. The focus feels more on the instrumentation and production, Jack’s voice just another layer to be added to the already complex and intriguing bed of synth and percussion.

There is nothing better than an artist who is comfortable with themselves. It makes every performance more enchanting, and the likely hood of seeking out more of what they have to offer increases.

This is certainly the case with JACK.G and Welcome To My Darkness. Jack is beginning his new era with a strong and captivating release, one that encapsulates not only his musicality but a hint of his artistic personality, too.