Drunk Dial Records uncorks “Where Time Stands Still” and “Return of the Mack” by Gentleman Jesse

Can booze inspire hits? Gentleman Jesse takes the 12-hour challenge

Atlanta’s music scene is about to get a boozy boost with the release of Gentleman Jesse’s latest offering on Drunk Dial Records.

This February 6th, the label known for its unorthodox approach – challenging musicians to create within a day, fueled by “inebriated creativity” – is serving up a two-track vinyl single bursting with Southern charm and inebriated brilliance.

Jesse and his bandmates locked themselves in a basement studio on January 29th, 2023, armed with instruments, French Rosé, and German lagers. The 12-hour session yielded “Where Time Stands Still,” an original composition, and a daring take on the 90s classic “Return of the Mack.”

Don’t be fooled by the boozy inspiration, though. This isn’t just a novelty act. Jesse, a seasoned musician with a deep Atlanta music scene pedigree, brings his signature power-pop sound – reminiscent of Nick Lowe and the Modern Lovers – to the table. Think catchy hooks, anthemic refrains, and the undeniable magic that comes from creating under the influence.

“This was a wild ride of a recording session,” shares Jesse Smith, singer of Gentleman Jesse. “The three of us got together that afternoon, fueled by the creative energy of the moment, and decided to craft ‘Where Time Stands Still.’

As the day unfolded, we took a bold swing at the 90s New Jack banger ‘Return of the Mack.’ To set the tempo, we immersed ourselves in a chopped and screwed version, all while sipping on French Rosé.”

Drunk Dial Records isn’t just about the buzz, though. They’re on a mission to capture the raw energy and storytelling power of music made with a little liquid courage.

It’s an experiment that transcends “Drunk History, but with bands,” offering a unique listening experience that’s both exciting and thought-provoking.

So, if you’re looking for a musical adventure with a twist, head over to Drunk Dial Records’ Bandcamp page and pick up your copy of Gentleman Jesse’s 7-inch single.

Just remember, don’t try to replicate the recording session at home… unless you’re prepared for some truly “fuzzy” results!