PREMIERE: Mars On Holiday unveils dreamy, melancholic gem ‘We’re Gonna Change’

Get ready to melt into a swirl of dreamy, melancholic soundscapes with Perth’s rising stars, Mars On Holiday

“We’re Gonna Change,” is a captivating blend of genre-bending experimentation and strong songwriting, all infused with a distinct quintessential WA sound.

Born from frontman Dane Pavic’s solo project during Melbourne’s lockdown, Mars On Holiday blossomed into a collaborative effort with Daniel Chan, Jack Schubert, and Maks Pavic. Their mission? To defy genre limitations and explore the boundless possibilities of musical expression.

“We’re Gonna Change” navigates the bittersweet terrain of fading romantic bliss. The rhythm section lays down a deep, hypnotic groove, reminiscent of the iconic Innerspeaker sound. Pavic’s vocals wash over the track with melancholic beauty, mirroring the lyrics that detail a fleeting sense of connection slipping away.

The song grapples with the inevitable shift from the honeymoon phase’s sparkle to the realization that things might not last forever. There’s a desperate hope clinging to the line “this time it’ll be different,” even as the underlying truth whispers otherwise.

And that’s the magic of “We’re Gonna Change.” It captures the raw vulnerability of knowing something is ending, yet yearning for it to stay different. The shimmering guitars evoke a hazy nostalgia, while the tight songwriting ensures the emotional resonance hits home.

Further elevating the track is the masterly mixing by Aria Award-winning Steven Schram, known for his work with Paul Kelly, San Cisco, and Ed Sheeran. His touch adds polish and depth, without compromising the band’s unique soundscape.

Mars On Holiday are poised to make a name for themselves with “We’re Gonna Change.”

This single – out tomorrow February 7th – is a stunning journey through hazy emotions, wrapped in a sonic tapestry that’s both experimental and deeply relatable. With their blend of raw talent and genre-defying approach, Mars On Holiday are definitely a band to watch.