Engineering The Sound: The Cranborne 500ADAT revolutionising audio expansion

Dive into the Cranborne Audio 500ADAT enclosure with Carnaby EQs, a revolutionary piece of equipment designed to elevate the capabilities of audio recording setups

Conceived by former Soundcraft employees in the mid-2010s, Cranborne endeavours to forge new frontiers in audio technology, and the 500ADAT stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment.

At its core, the 500ADAT transcends the conventional boundaries of a standard 500 series audio enclosure.

Unlike traditional lunchboxes, it seamlessly integrates the use of ADAT technology, thereby amplifying its versatility and functionality.

With the ability to connect via ADAT, this enclosure becomes a beacon of opportunity for audio enthusiasts, particularly those employing compact desktop interfaces.

Harnessing the power of ADAT, users can augment their setups with an additional 8 channels of outboard 500 series units, seamlessly integrating them as hardware inserts with unparalleled ease.

Gone are the constraints of a limited setup; the 500ADAT empowers creators to fashion multi-channel, robust rigs adaptable to both studio and mobile environments.

Yet, the marvels of the 500ADAT extend beyond its ADAT integration. Boasting XLR inputs and outputs, the enclosure remains faithful to its roots as a conventional lunchbox, while offering the added flexibility of connecting light pipes for enhanced functionality.

Furthermore, its innovative design allows for effortless chaining of 500 series units, facilitating a streamlined workflow conducive to creativity.

Noteworthy among its array of features is the provision for independent headphone outputs, with customisable level and pan controls for each 500 series unit.

The enclosure doubles as a summing mixer, enabling users to harmoniously blend outputs and synchronise their systems with impeccable precision, courtesy of its superior word clock technology.

The Cranbourne 500ADAT enclosure retails for around $3000AU and is available from all your pro audio retailers.

Head over to the Cranbourne website to learn more!