Somebody has made an AC/DC song using artificial intelligence

Somebody has made an AC/DC song using artificial intelligence

Youtube user Funk Turkey has created the ultimate AC/DC parody song, Great Balls, using an artificial intelligence technology.

The lyrics to the hilarious track were created by compiling all of the legendary Australian band’s lyrics and running it through modelling software.


A Youtube user has created a hysterical parody song based on AC/DC lyrics with artificial intelligence software

In crafting the new song, Funk Turkey ran all of AC/DC’s lyrics through the service. The site uses a predictive algorithm to sweep through the Genius lyrics database, analyse them, and then select the most popular lyrics to generate a new song.

After the artificial intelligence software created the lyrics, Funk Turkey then added instrumentals and vocals, taking on the voice of Brian Johnson himself.

In speaking about the process of creating the parody song, he stated “I put the lyrics of AC/DC into a bot and asked it to write a song. Also, let me say that trying to sing like Brian Johnson is extremely hard.”

Unsurprisingly, the word ‘balls’ is prominently featured in the lyrics, giving the track its fitting name Great Balls. The words ‘women’ and ‘dogs’ also appear numerous times, which seem appropriate for an AC/DC parody.

The entertaining parody seems about as accurate as you could expect.

Check out the video for Great Balls below: