Sonnox ListenHub: a versatile tool for monitoring and mix comparison
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Sonnox ListenHub: a versatile plugin for monitoring and mix comparison

Hearing the truth about your mixes is crucial in order to get the best results. Sonnox’s ListenHub gives you all the tools you need to compare your mixes to the industry’s best.

Starting in 2006, the Sonnox company may seem to be a relatively young player in the pro-audio game, but its roots run deep in the music business. Its origins are in the late ’80s: a group of engineers who met whilst employed by SSL left the Oxfordshire-based company to begin their own forward-looking organisation known as Oxford Digital (they were responsible for the digital Oxford Console, released by Sony and priced at $1 million!).

The group transitioned to the development of audio plugins, becoming Sonnox in 2006, and being responsible for the Oxford plugin series. Among them, you can find their incredibly well-regarded limiter and harmonic device, the Oxford Inflator.

Sonnox ListenHub

Moving forward just over 15 years, 2022 sees the release of the Sonnox ListenHub. A stereo monitor controller with an added reference tool, ListenHub is a modern monitoring solution for all, from professionals through to bedroom producers.

ListenHub allows quick reference between the tracks you’re working on with just about any other outside production you wish, giving the opportunity to level-match, EQ, and adjust until your tracks are as loud and polished as those that you’re aspiring to match.

Furthermore, ListenHub reports your LUFS level (Loudness Units referenced to Full scale: the modern standard in loudness measurement), along with your PSR (Peak to Short-term loudness Ratio: the modern standard in dynamic measurement), and as a result, will report if your mix is sounding lively, competitive, or loud.

On top of the intelligent reference and level system, ListenHub allows for easy monitoring with an EQ display, and the opportunity to break down your mix, or your references, with the ability to solo five separate EQ bands: Sub, Low, Low-Mid, High-Mid, and High. Volume is represented on the unit with four different listening levels, from Soft, to Quiet, through to Normal, and Loud so levels are easily recallable. A dim and mute option is also at the ready.

Sonnox ListenHub

Along with these options, you’re also able to easily reference different listen modes, much as you would with a high-quality hardware monitor controller. You’re able to monitor only the left channel, only the right, to flip the left and right channels, to mono, and to monitor only the side information.

Additionally, to save desktop real estate whilst juggling mix sessions the ListenHub can be controlled via a separate iOS or Android device too.

Available as a plugin or standalone app, and interfacing seamlessly between your DAW and D/A, the Sonnox ListenHub retails at £60. But with the current introductory 25% offer, it can be purchased for around $80 AUD.

Visit Sonnox for all the details.