Straight up indie rock Auxfire are doing Newcastle proud

After pleasing the crowd at Groovin the Moo last year, Newcastle indie rock band The Patriots re-arranged and became Auxfire. Performing under their new name and continuing their energetic and infectious sound, the four piece band have released their new single You, which was recorded at The Grove Studios.

Auxfire newcastle

Doing Newcastle proud, Auxfire race out of the gates with their new single You. With a new edgier sound, these boys will be playing a town near you real soon.

Between the powerful rhythm of the drums, alluring vocals and high-energy guitar riffs, the sound in You seems to blend together to resemble early work of The Jungle Giants featuring an edgier take on a guitar sound that Vampire Weekend or The Temper Trap would produce. It seems to include all the right elements to satisfy listeners but still leave them wanting more; a good introduction as the band gradually head in the direction of recording their EP.

Lead vocalist Joey Geyer notes that You is very much a song that captures a time of transition. “You was originally about a time post HSC, the process of reshuffling into a new phase of life can be extremely dull following such big events for me (playing at Groovin the Moo/radioplay contrasting to exams and work)” he says. “It’s about someone that was very close to me at the time as well. It is hard to maintain the right feeling into that particular songs live performance because of its two opposing views on everything lyrically“.

Geyer uses the edgier track to his advantage as he explores his vocal range throughout the song, showing that the band have strengthened their sound since becoming Auxfire. The Novocastrians seem to be heading in the right direction and with the support of their fans, hopefully will again see radio airplay and festival slots as part of their routine as it once was with their previous band.

Speaking of the recording process Geyer said “It was the experience of a lifetime to just be at that place [The Grove Studios] let alone record a single there! We were honoured to be working with engineer Jack Nigro, his ideas and input towards the final mix of the track helped us a lot, we became close working together and are sure we’ll work together in the future! He even caught one of our shows on tour which was rad“.

The band will be heading out to tour their new single as the support band for British India in addition to their own shows. Be sure to check their socials for all the details.