Six reasons to attend one of the BEST studio open days going

Six reasons to head to The Grove Studios Open Day September 9th: Music, Masters, Nature, Innovation & Legacy.

Ask any musician, and they’ll resoundingly declare that The Grove Studios is unequivocally ‘The One’—a musical haven of Matrix Neo proportions. There’s no room for doubt—this establishment has carved a niche as a creative haven.

The Grove Studios has pretty much nailed the  musical creative’s dream experience, backed up with some serious technical chops. As the studio’s Open Day approaches on September 9th, here’s why you should mark your calendar and experience this musical haven firsthand.

Grove studios

Reason 1: STUDIO 1 – The Sonic Sanctum

At the heart of The Grove Studios lies Studio 1, a sanctuary crafted around the legendary 56-channel SSL G series console. This iconic console, akin to a musical time-travel device, has been the soul of countless masterpieces throughout history. Within its walls, a 52m² live room and three isolation booths await, ready to encapsulate your soundscapes in a cocoon of sonic purity.

studio 1 the grove studio

Equipped with a repertoire of the world’s most coveted analogue recording equipment, Studio 1 provides artists the choice between digital realms and the nostalgic embrace of a Studer A827 24-track tape machine.

A recent addition, the Yamaha C5 Grand Piano, stands as a testament to the studio’s commitment to excellence. Moreover, Studio 1 is more than just a recording haven; it’s a 24-hour playground, interconnected with cozy accommodations, a kitchen fit for culinary symphonies, and even a pool and spa for those moments of melodic relaxation.

Reason 2: Studio 2 – The Harmonic Haven

Studio 2, dubbed ‘The Harrison Room,’ is a symphony of nostalgia and modernity. Its centerpiece, the meticulously restored Harrison 4032 console, beckons artists into a realm where vintage warmth and innovative learning converge.

grove studio 2

With 20 independent workstations, Studio 2 transforms into an immersive educational realm, known as The Grove Studio Academy. Here, aspiring musicians can harness the essence of Australia’s premier studios to craft their own musical epics.

But Studio 2 is more than just an educational sanctuary. It effortlessly shapeshifts from a classroom to a control room, with an adjacent live room serving as the canvas for ambitious overdubs and drumming prowess. This room, known for its Harrison 32 Series 16-channel console, stood witness to the creation of music history, including Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Reason 3: Studio 3 – The Creative Sanctum

Studio 3 unveils a new dimension—a place of mastering, film soundscapes, and creative retreat. Nestled within “The Grove Residence,” this studio offers luxurious accommodations for up to six artistic souls.

the grove studio

Equipped with vintage keyboards and analog mixing gear, the writing room is a fertile ground for crafting musical tales. For those venturing into film composition and sound design, Studio 3 boasts a state-of-the-art 5.1 monitoring system, a haven for creating immersive auditory experiences.

Reason 4: The Creative Geniuses

The driving force behind The Grove Studios’ magic lies in its creative team—led by Scott Horscroft, Andy Mak, Jackson Barclay, Izaac Wilson, and Owen Butterworth.

scott horscroft

These virtuosos have a serious wealth of talent to their calling cards, too much to mention here, but just to give you an idea if you didn’t already know: Scott’s produced Alison Wonderland, DMA’S, Sleepy Jackson, Empire Of The Sun, Birds Of Tokyo, Silverchair and The Presets, and Andy Mac, has been making records at The Grove Studios for more than 10 years, whose credits include Vera Blue, Winterbourne, Tina Arena, Megan Washington, Boy And Bear, KLP, Human Nature, alongside their incredible crew welcoming both seasoned maestros and emerging artists into their fold.

Reason 5: Nature’s Serenade

Beyond the sonic splendour lies an environment untouched by the bustle of urban life. Imagine crafting your magnum opus enveloped by 25 acres of pristine Australian bushland—an ambiance where nature harmoniously collaborates with melody.

The Grove Studios

This sanctuary has borne witness to the creation of musical legends, such as Silverchair, Courtney Barnett, The Presets, and more. Designed by INXS Bassist Garry Gary Beers, who alongside his musicianship, is killing it in the realm of woodwork and electronics, The Grove Studios isn’t just a studio; it’s a living testament to Australia’s musical heritage.

Reason 6: The Academy

Discover your pathway to success in the music and sound production industry with The Grove Studios Academy’s comprehensive programs. Through the CUA50820 Diploma of Music (Sound Production), you’ll develop essential skills to thrive in the field. Ready to take the next step? Their CUA60520 Advanced Diploma of Music (Sound Production) refines your foundational expertise into advanced techniques.

The Grove Studios

The Grove Studios provides a hands-on education with cutting-edge equipment and experienced instructors, including CEO Scott Horscroft, a driving force in nurturing aspiring professionals. If you’re driven to excel in the music and audio world, The Grove Studios Academy is your ideal partner for a practical and rewarding creative journey.

grove studio open day

In a world where soundscapes are crafted and creativity roams free, The Grove Studios beckons. It’s Open Day, on September 9th, invites you to experience the magic firsthand. Prepare to embark on an auditory odyssey that transcends boundaries, redefines artistry, and resonates with the echoes of musical history.

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