Gamechanger Audio: Staying true to the name

An electro-mechanical marvel pushing boundaries in sound design.

Gamechanger Audio is a company that is true to the claim their name makes. When the rubber hits the road, they are doing things unseen by a revered company as themselves. Their unique electro-mechanical designs are incredibly unique and effective. Coming into the market with such grandiose claims to ideas that sound simple but to be executed well, is a whole other thing.

Their latest release the ‘Motor Synth MKII’ is truly a design phenom, using electrical motors and optical sensors to act as an oscillator, the sounds you’ll create will be in a category of their own. The idea is reminiscent of how tonewheels worked back in the day, this modern execution is truly amazing.

At its core are two fully independent motor voices, each with its separate amp envelope, pitch envelope, and analog multi-mode filters, offering unparalleled sound manipulation. Adding to its sonic capabilities is a third digitally controlled oscillator equipped with full functionality, expanding the palette of audio creativity.

The powerful modulation section stands out, with assignable mod destinations for precise sound shaping. A built-in performance interface includes an ARP, sequencer, and motion recording engines, ensuring dynamic live performances and seamless composition.

For extensive connectivity and integration, it offers MIDI & CV control options. Additionally, the input signal processing features, including a vocoder, gate, sidechaining, and filtering, open up a world of audio processing possibilities, making this device a versatile tool for musicians and producers seeking to explore new sonic territories.

Raw and wild are the two words I feel best to describe the sounds coming out of this desktop synth and with so many parameters to wrangle the sounds in, you’ve got yourself an incredibly powerful and unique sounding unit. Gamechanger Audio has done it again, they truly are changing the game.

Retailing at 3349 AUD head on over to your local music store and pick yourself up a world of sonic possibilities.

Head over to the Gamechanger Audio Website to learn more.