Meet Light Pedal: Gamechanger Audio’s optical spring reverb

Gamechanger Audio creates products that explore the uncharted territories of musical electronics. True to their name, the new Light Pedal is indeed a gamechanger.

The Light Pedal is an analog ‘Optical Spring Reverb’, that employs infra-red optical sensors to create interesting and super-expressive spring reverb effects.

The infra-red optical sensors minimise the energy needed to transfer an audio signal across the length of a vibrating spring. This aims to preserve the nuanced harmonic content that is usually lost in the conventional mechanical process. The Light Pedals uses sensitive optical pairs that can detect very nuanced movements on the surface of the spring, and therefore offer some truly unique effects control parameters.

Gamechanger Audio Light Pedal

With this, players can tap into a wider range of frequencies, harmonics, overtones and textures. Gamechanger also promises the Light Pedal will allow access to new effect types “such as optical reverb tremolo, optical reverb modulation and optical harmonic shimmer”. 

The pedal is durable and rugged. It features an innovative shock sensor circuit to protect the pedal when it detects mechanical impact — so you are free to stomp to your heart’s content with no harmful consequences.

You can order the Light Pedal directly from the Gamechanger Audio main site.