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‘The Pedal Movie’: Reverb’s love letter to the stompbox

Reverb has released the first official trailer for The Pedal Movie, a documentary about the history and impact of guitar pedals.

Every guitarist loves effects pedals (well, maybe not all guitarists). And the place where you probably spend too much time shopping for them, Reverb, is paying homage to mighty stompbox with a new documentary, The Pedal Movie.

The first official trailer is here and showcases interviews from a range of pedal builders, such as Josh Scott (JHS) and Mike Piera (Analogman), as well as guitarists like Nels Cline, J Mascis, and Peter Frampton.

The Pedal Movie

Reverb says that The Pedal Movieseeks to show how these strange little boxes have changed the course of music and how the industry producing them has grown from just a few brands 30 years ago to thousands of different makers today.”

It’s true that there are thousands of pedal builders, and even in the official trailer, we can see glimpses of interviews with a few of the big ones. Along with pedal builders, Reverb has also interviewed some guitarists, with J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr stating “when I was learning to play guitar, I was learning to play effects at the same time“.

To go along with the release of The Pedal Movie, a few pedal builders are working together on two new pedals that will be Reverb exclusive. Chase Bliss Audio and Zvex have teamed up to release the Bliss Factory, a spin-off of the classic Zvex Fuzz Factory. Likewise, Earthquaker Devices and Death By Audio have collaborated on the Time Shadows, a pitch-shifting fuzz delay.

Check out the trailer below and read more about The Pedal Movie at Reverb.