Lauv’s Candid Evolution: “Love U Like That” marks a new beginning

Lauv’s latest track serves as a magnetic prelude to his live shows, setting anticipation soaring.

Lauv has firmly established himself as a leading songwriter, up there with Ed Sheeran, and the guys behind the scenes, like Max Martin, except Lauv can sing, with a deeply mesmerising pop tone that is exciting as hell.

His latest track, “Love U Like That,” is the ultimate serve of catchiness, that encapsulates the essence of all things positive – particularly love. The song resonates with a sentiment that’s instantly recognisable: the heady rush of deep affection and all the complexities that accompany it.

Lauv’s lyrics offer an unfiltered look into the realm of romance. The phrase “I love you like that” acts as a relatable touchstone, embodying the multifaceted nature of love’s intensity. The track captures the myriad emotions tied to being head over heels and creates a musical dialogue that speaks to anyone who’s ever felt the warmth of love’s embrace.

What sets “Love U Like That” apart is its unguarded authenticity. Lauv’s vocals take center stage, harmonising with understated drum beats and glittering synth accents. The result is an understated yet impactful soundscape that allows his voice to convey the song’s core message. “You could really tear me apart,” Lauv’s whispered delivery carries both vulnerability and a raw honesty.

Lauv’s connection to the track is palpable as he reflects, “I’m so insanely proud of this new song because it marks the beginning of a new era for me.” The song represents an evolution, not just in terms of music but in a personal and emotional sense. It’s like the moment when you unexpectedly develop a liking for a genre of music you never appreciated before or when you suddenly comprehend someone’s attractiveness that you hadn’t noticed previously.

“Love U Like That” isn’t just a song; it’s a declaration of self-discovery and self-empowerment. It encourages breaking free from societal norms and preconceived notions, inviting listeners to pursue their heart’s desires without hesitation. Lauv’s words signify a journey into uncharted territory – one that’s driven by authenticity and personal growth.

This track cements Lauv’s position as an artist who is unafraid to embrace vulnerability, inviting listeners to do the same. As he unveils a new chapter in his musical journey, “Love U Like That” stands as a testament to his commitment to charting new territories and redefining not only his own sound but also our collective understanding of love in all its complexity.

If Lauv’s latest track was a precursor to get ready for his live shows, he’s nailed it.

Lauv Australian Tour Dates

October 18 – Perth, Australia – Astor Theatre
October 19 – Perth, Australia – Astor Theatre
October 21 – Sydney, Australia – Enmore Theatre
October 22 – Sydney, Australia – Enmore Theatre
October 23 – Melbourne, Australia – Forum Theatre
October 24 – Melbourne, Australia – Forum Theatre
October 26 – Brisbane, Australia – Fortitude Music Hall