Bizarre South Australian study proves that weed users ‘walk differently’, changing nothing

New research out of the University of South Australia has just been published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence, claiming that regular weed users ‘walk differently’.

Watch out, shamblers! Soon enough the police will be picking you up off the street, profiling you as a THC-addicted menace based solely off your gait.

weed users walking differently snoop dogg stoned walking

Research conducted on less than 50 participants has unequivocally proved what we always thought: weed users don’t walk the same as weed muggles.

After observing the walking patterns of a whopping 22 cannabis users and 22 non-drug using controls, the neuroscientists behind the study found that dope smokers bend their knees faster, as well as swing their shoulders less, when they walk.

You don’t really have to worry, this changes nothing. The study even says so!

“Gait changes in cannabis users are not of a magnitude that is clinically detectable.”

Via Adelaide Now/Drug and Alcohol Dependence