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Suburban makes on-screen debut with their hard hitting feature film

Sydney artist, Suburban, crosses boundaries and genres in feature film, [S]LEEP [A]LL [D]AY, [F]EAST [U]PON [N]IGHT, diving headfirst into the darkest corners of the mind.

In a mind rupturing visual masterpiece of the inner psyche, Suburban crosses genres and boundaries with their full-length feature film; S]LEEP [A]LL [D]AY, [F]EAST [U]PON [N]IGHT,

The film, presented by Adventure Cat Records, is set to premiere tonight via YouTube – showcasing 40 minutes of unsettling and brutal colour intertwined with a soundtrack that ignites every shot on screen.


S]LEEP [A]LL [D]AY, [F]EAST [U]PON [N]IGHT, is a dive into a day in the life of Suburban, weaving through the 6 month battle triggered by wrongly prescribed medication – spiraling into a rollercoaster of insomnia, crippling depression and mania.

In it’s soundscape and burst of Suburban’s innermost turmoils, comes the pressing of a nerve that can only be pinched by creatives who have raw honesty and openness.

There is nothing more hard-hitting and magnetic than an artist who is not only able to translate the struggles of mental health sonically, but visually – from the somber isolation of insomnia to the engulfing demons faced with substance abuse.


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The cinematic intricacy of the film blends with the soundtrack like a strand of DNA.

Contrasting from the soft tones of a beach setting in Buoy, to the jarring neon lights in Alcoholidaythe tone of the lenses swing back and forth like a rollercoaster scribbling around the mind – seen in the title itself (SAD,FUN), so blatant you feel a sense of addictive discomfort.

Whilst the post-lockdown premiere date for the film (held at Dendy Cinemas, Newtown) is yet to be confirmed, today’s online release, on Suicide Prevention Day, is a must-see in it’s creative mastery on Suburban’s psyche.

The artist presents a translation of faux-armoured mania on such an enthralling medium that it transcends genre and boundaries.

Be sure to catch the premiere of Suburban’s S]LEEP [A]LL [D]AY, [F]EAST [U]PON [N]IGHT below: