Casey Ray talks all-time favourite artists and influences

Soulful blues singer-songwriter Casey Ray has a groove-filled playlist of bangers to share.

Unsurprisingly, lovable up-and-comer Casey Ray always has music playing. Not bound by genre or time period, Ray can find the bops in every artist’s catalogue’, then pump them until the sun goes down. Just like we’ve been pumping her single Be A Lady They Said.

In her own words, these are some of those tracks that have especially resonated – take a look.

Casey Ray

Fleetwood Mac – My favourite band by far!

The rock & Mick Fleetwood on those drums, the leather & lace. Stevie Nicks’s songwriting talent is out of this world. She can make you feel tragedy, desire, badass & inspired all at the same time. She has you questioning the inspiration behind some of her lyrics, so you then relate in your own way.

Most importantly, the memories of partying with my family to every great Fleetwood song is why I love these guys! My go-to Fleetwood Mac songs are Dreams (I heard Nicks wrote this in 15 minutes. What the hell!), Rhiannon, The Chain, and Gold Dust Woman.

No Doubt – Hella Good

If I was a wrestler & I had to choose an entrance song, this would be it!

Bryan Adams – If Ya Wanna Be Bad Ya Gotta Be Good (Live Version)

The way Bryan plays this live is just sexy.

There is surely no one that can tell me they wouldn’t melt if someone dragged them up on stage & sang this to them. Not the most romantic but soo damn cool.

That guitar! Oh my lordy.


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Jewel – Who Will Save Your Soul

If you take the time to really listen to Jewels lyrics, she’s telling some big truths that resonate with me.

Paired with a subtle but funky stripped back acoustic guitar & drums – nothing about this song is over the top, just straight to the point. I love it.

Meg Mac – Anything Meg Mac

I’m so in love with this girl’s music & she’s a huge inspiration for me. I almost can’t choose my favourites. There’s almost always a thumping beat & a piano arrangement that makes you feel like you’re listening to an old school gospel record with a pop twist.

Even so, Meg Mac doesn’t really need any of that. She creates really cool, catchy melodies with her lyrics & powerful vocals. She could sing all of her songs acapella & they would be just as awesome.

Alicia Keys – Superwoman

Alicia can’t do anything wrong in my eyes but this song, in particular, I could listen to over & over. For the relevance & weight, her lyrics carry today as much as they did when it was first released, “I hang my head in sorrow, at the state of humanity”.

She just delivers powerful messages with spunk & grace. Such a role model & inspiration.


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All Saints – Pure Shores

This song makes me feel like I’m driving down a long coastal road with an epic view of the ocean. I love the beach. Pure peace!

Black Eyed Peas – Sexy

So much funk! I just want to dance around the house. I feel like a cool dude listening to anything by the Black Eyed Peas.

This is one of my favs.

Eric Clapton – Layla

This is the sort of song I love doing a cover of. So much grit with a cool husky voice & blues vibe.

My sorta jam. “Got me on my knees Layla, begging Darlin please Layla”. So sick!

Elk Road Ft. Lisa Mitchell – Crave You (Flight Facilities) – Like a Version Cover

Enough said….. Go listen to this cover. I literally have it on repeat some days.

Listen to Be A Lady They Said below: