Sun Affair and Blake Dantier dish up summery RnB on ‘Waiting for an Answer’

Waiting for an Answer from Sun Affair channels unapologetic 70s RnB, with sultry vocals from Blake Dantier, and a juicy guitar solo.

Sun Affair is the feel-good, look-good music outlet of respected Western Sydney composer Wesley Stormer. The keyboard player and songwriter developed his ear in the classical scene, but also kept a firm grip on the art of tasty pop and RnB. With skills and influences in check, Sun Affair was born.

The artists’ second single, featuring contemporary country singer Blake Dantier has dropped, and it’s time to share the good vibes around. Cruisy music video and all.

Waiting for an Answer is carefully arranged; its musical layers building and dropping with clear purpose. The end result of this meticulous detail is a track with motion and a dynamic grip. A colourful piano lick kicks things off, with a laidback rhythm section following shortly after.

Lately I’ve been drinking all alone” confesses guest vocalist Dantier, in a rich, euphonious timbre. The lyrics are earnest and heartfelt, but the groove is so infectious you’ll barely notice.

The chorus introduces lush harmonies and a restless brass breakdown, which adds to the summery ’70s vibes. Al Green and Marvin Gaye both feel like the obvious influences here. Another highlight is the inviting and irresistible solo from blues and jazz Blue Mountains muso Liam Gray.

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The music video doesn’t take itself too seriously, and the track is all the better for it. It features Stormer and his band sipping homebrew, jamming out, and taking things easy. “The day of the clip I didn’t have too much of a game-plan. I knew we had a hall booked and Blake was bringing some home-brewed beers. I got him to bring the cowboy hat though!” Stormer comments. The hat was a great shout.

Listen to Waiting for an Answer below: