Rockstar Moments: An insider's account of Sunday Honey's sold-out show at the Hotel Esplanade

Rockstar Moments: An insider’s account of Sunday Honey’s sold-out show at the Hotel Esplanade

In his account of Sunday Honey’s sold-out show at the Hotel Esplanade, Max Hilli captures the unforgettable energy of a live performance.

In a sweaty, packed band room of the Hotel Esplanade, Sunday Honey experienced a moment that will forever be etched in their memories. With 550+ people eagerly waiting to hear and see a performance of a lifetime, Sunday Honey took to the stage and put on a show they never knew they could provide.

Written by Sunday Honey’s Bassist, Max Hilli, we are taken on a journey through the chills and joy of performing on stage. From the nerves and excitement rushing through their bodies to the roar of the crowd, Hilli gives us an insider’s perspective on what it’s like to be a part of a rockstar moment.

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Sunday Honey on August 26th At the Espy

Loading into the venue. Seeing the size of the stage, the floor space sent chills down all of our spines. 

Unsure of how the ticket sales are going we undoubtedly know it’s going to be a big show. “ Des Cortez, Sunday Honey, Willow Bank Grove & Goodbye Butterfly” on a friday night at the .

It was a perfect blend of Rock, Pop,Funk and Kick-Ass energy. One by one music loving, slightly pissed creatures slowly flooded in. 

The long hall of the espy band room creates an energy like no other stage. 

The wide perfectly lit stage looking down a never ending corridor soon to be packed, Goodbye Butterfly open up and get the crowd swaying and groovin. 

As the number of ticket sales rises and rises Willowbank Grove put on a masterpiece of a show. 

Crowd interaction and jumping we could here clearly from our greenroom two stories above the venue, and in what felt like only 5 minutes but also the longest wait, it was our turn to perform.

 A combination of Nerves, Excitement and alcohol rushing through our bodies sending mixed messages to our heads are we nervous? Excited? Or was this our dream about to come true.

Everything sort of goes quiet just before you walk down those stairs to enter the stage, the sound of beers opening, Fox practising his drum rolls on his lap, CJ’s guitar case opening and shutting, Elliots vocal warm ups echoing down the stairs, your own heart beat pounding louder and louder all seems to get muffled all broken by a simple shout “ It’s Sold Out!” the Des Cortez boys spread the word that the gig had just officially sold out, Over Five hundred and Fifty people, eagerly waiting to hear and see a performance of a lifetime, the best news an artist could ever hear, at the worst time, Five minutes before its showtime.

 Side stage is all a blur, Check your fly is done up and make sure you’re in tune and it’s go time.

Walking onstage with the roar of 550+ people is a feeling that will never leave Sunday Honey our first proper rockstar moment, Screams, Cheers and clapping fill the air as Fox begins our electrifying intro song, for the next 45 minutes Sunday Honey put on a show we never knew we could provide. 

Sweat, Screaming, Jumping asking the crowd is all they’ve got, every song turning more into a mosh pit. 

Halfway through the show the security guard demanded that we control the crowd and stop the moshpit and the dancing, I looked over at Elliot with an evil grin and said “ keep fucking going” It was finally our moment of ecstasy and No One could touch us at this point. 

With high energy we performed the most outrageous energetic show we could, the crowd feeding us with encouragement and passion. 

We had finally got a taste of what it’s like to be in a band and we will forever cherish every moment and feeling of that show.

Sunday Honey at the Hotel Esplanade, through the perspective & written by Max Hilli (Sunday Honey’s Bassist)


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