Sunday Honey deliver a perfect dose of pure alt rock with a dash of quintessential VIC charm

Sunday Honey have us swooning again with ‘Silver Lining’ delivering their signature blend of alt-rock magic.

In a seamless follow-up to their promising debut last year, the Melbourne-based alt-rock sensation, Sunday Honey, continues to solidify their place in the music scene with their latest release, ‘Silver Lining’.

The track weaves together honeyed vocals and melodies with introspective and clever lyricism, crafting a musical haven that’s both inviting and all-encompassing in its beauty.

sunday honey

‘Silver Lining’ not only showcases the remarkable creative synergy among the four members but also serves as an ideal introduction for newcomers. For longtime Sunday Honey enthusiasts, it marks a pivotal moment in the band’s evolution.

Conceived by the multi-talented Fox DeRoche, who serves as both vocalist and drummer, during his European sojourn, ‘Silver Lining’ underwent a transformative process upon its return to Melbourne, culminating in its final form.

Handled by DeRoche in production and mixing, with the finishing touch provided by the esteemed Steve Smart of Studios 301, ‘Silver Lining’ is tailor-made for fans of Teenage Dads, Ocean Alley, and more. Serving as the initial glimpse into the band’s next chapter in the latter half of 2023, the track offers deeper insight into Sunday Honey’s ongoing metamorphosis as a collective.

DeRoche shared, “It’s a story about a woman losing herself in the grips of society and going down the path of substance abuse. We are all strong advocates for mental health, so we felt this song resonated a lot with us. We’ve written a lot of our songs about mental health and substance abuse.”

“The bare bones of it was written in Paris by Fox when he was travelling Europe, and then once he was back we all added our own unique flair to it until it was at a spot which we all loved.”

With ‘Silver Lining’, Sunday Honey proves once again that they’re a force to be reckoned with, deftly combining raw emotion with musical prowess to create a track that’s bound to leave a lasting impression.

This release not only cements their place in the alt-rock scene but also sets high expectations for their future endeavours. Keep your eyes peeled for Sunday Honey as they continue to soar to new heights.