Syfr finds strength in his flaws on sultry new R&B groove ‘Scars’

With vivid storytelling and simmering trap production, Scars sees singer-songwriter Syfr plumbs the depths of self-doubt and heartbreak. It’s the kind of song that hits you hard when you’re already feeling emotionally vulnerable.

Is it just me, or is it one of those days where everything is making me cry? Because listening to Syfr’s Scars has got me feeling all kinds of feelings. Syfr freshly released Scars, is a self-love anthem that serves as the singer-songwriter’s third-ever single.

The R&B track sees Syfr — known offstage as Dexter Davis — adopts the viewpoint of a woman battling insecurities and heartbreak, as punctuated by brooding production and catchy trap basslines. Scars finds its protagonist in the aftermath of a relationship, with Syfr’s vivid lyricism detailing a woman who “dust[s] off my heart” and learning to “love my scars.” 

Syfr new single Scars

Syfr’s storytelling is only amplified by the track’s sonics, with a sultry beat and jagged backing synths crescendoing to a climactic bridge. “Tell me are you rooting for me,” Syfr yearns towards the song’s end, “we’re Lost within this hidden city.” Syfr’s rich vocals remain a consistent throughline on Scars, curving effortlessly around beat-switches and harmonising alongside backing ad-libs.

Mustering the sounds of Daniel Caesar and GIVEON, Syfr’s mastery of the slow-jam is clear, but the strength of his lyricism on Scars is perhaps most transcendent. Across a few short verses, the songwriter plumbs the emotive depths of unrequited love and self-doubt, as part of what he describes the “maze of love.” Syfr continued in a press statement: “Scars depicts a women’s battle of hope, sadness, and heartbreak.”

Syfr new single Scars

Her partner’s views are of a dismissiveness, emptiness, and numbness towards her feelings.” Scars is only the third single to be officially released by the West Palm Beach musician, following the 2022 tracks Shooting Stars and Glass House. In celebration of the single, Syfr embarked upon a 30-city tour across Florida, performing the track at pit-stop venues along his Uber journey.

The single is accompanied by a just-released music video, which was directed by Fabricio Torres. Scars marks the start of what looks to be a promising year for Syfr who, in addition to sharing unreleased music on his Syfr’s Vault YouTube channel, is set to release a suite of additional singles throughout 2023. Elsewhere, the singer-songwriter has plans for a more encompassing tour, during which he can showcase his compelling sound to the masses.

Watch the music video for the new single Scars above, and head here to find out more about Syfr.