Can’t be bothered reading the terms and conditions? This site has you covered

Sometimes it feels like modern life is little more than bureaucratic nonsense and endless pages of terms and conditions. But we’ve found a website that conveniently summarises the critical information into bullet points so you don’t have to.

Terms and conditions contracts are an important part of life. They exist to protect you from entering into predatory agreements with websites and service providers of virtually every kind. Everyone from Facebook to Wikipedia wants something from you. Hell, even in the assumed secrecy of Pornhub your most private information may be at risk.

The thing about terms and conditions agreements is that if you ignore them then you might be leaving yourself open to being taken advantage of; but if you spend your time reading them you might just die of boredom.

terms and conditions
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The good news is that we are all in this together, and some remarkable members of the human race are trying to solve this problem. That’s right, there exists a website that summarises the terms and conditions of a wide variety of websites and social media platforms so you don’t have to.

Let me introduce you to Terms of Service Didn’t Read – the website that proudly acknowledges that the biggest lie on the Internet is contained in the little box with a green arrow through it that proclaims “I have read and agree to the Terms”.

Even if you aren’t about to disable any of your active accounts or profiles, it’s interesting to find out what information you have agreed to part with by agreeing to a website’s terms and conditions.


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Each page/platform is given an overall rating between A (least invasive) and E (most invasive) that relates to how much data the website wants to obtain from you. It’s essentially a Metacritic for the Internet that focuses on privacy rather than quality.

Facebook for example has received a rating of E, and there are some scarily good reasons why. And that’s the other thing that is great about about Terms of Service Didn’t Read – it tells you the rationale for each score in a succinct bullet point summary.

terms and conditions
Screenshot: Terms of Service Didn’t Read /

So next time you are being pressured to agree to a website’s terms and conditions why not quickly check what exactly you are about to sign up for? Sure, it’s probably not at thorough as reading the whole document yourself, but it should at least tip you off to a potential threat.

Terms of Service Didn’t Read is also available as a browser addon, but personally I think I’d rather just use it as an occasional resource. I like to keep things as uncluttered as possible. Nonetheless, I’m glad that the website exists, and the team responsible should be loudly applauded for their valiant effort to halt the Internet’s continued debasement.