Tex Crick announces new album ‘Sweet Dreamin’’, shares lead single ‘Easy Keepers’

Tex Crick has shared the blissful new single Easy Keepers, the first track lifted from his forthcoming album Sweet Dreamin’. 

Tex Crick has announced his sophomore album, Sweet Dreamin’. Set for release on October 14, the nine-track project will serve as the follow-up to Crick’s acclaimed major-label debut Live In… New York City, and is described as a poetic and stripped-back collection of piano-led arrangements. 

We get our first taste of that with Easy Keepers, the album’s just-released lead single. Coasting on upbeat keys and ethereal synths, the single tells the fictional tale of a lover accused of cheating.

Tex Crick Sometimes I Forget piano

Proving to be a master storyteller, Crick likens the accused lover to an “easy keeper,” a type of animal livestock that requires minimal attention. 

“Being an ‘easy keeper’ in a relationship would suggest that you don’t need the regular amount of attention that others may need,” the musician explained in a press statement.

To pair deep reflections on romance with an otherwise-blissful melody is no small feat, but Crick adds to the complexity with unique percussive flairs. 

Tex Crick

“During recording, I dropped a pair of chopsticks in my Tokyo studio and it happened to hit a glass of water that made a nice sound,” Crick said of the subtle tinkling sounds that course through Easy Keepers.

“I re-recorded the sound of the chopsticks hitting a couple different glasses of water to alter the pitch and that’s what you can hear during the pre-chorus.”  

Easy Keepers is accompanied by an official music video, which was filmed during a spontaneous road trip and follows Crick in various Wes Anderson-looking locales of Lone Pine, California. Sweet Dreamin’ is the second album to be released under Mac DeMarco’s record label, to which Crick was the first-ever signee in 2021.

Listen to Tex Crick’s new single Easy Keepers below, and be sure to catch his sophomore album Sweet Dreamin’ out October 14. Meanwhile, head here to catch Happy Mag‘s interview with Tex Crick.