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Mac Demarco

here comes Mac Demarco laneway festival sydney australian tour 2020
Everybody’s favourite cowboy, Mac DeMarco has single handedly made pop cool again. His signature chorus soaked guitar runs and simple yet poignant lyrics have crafted, dare I say it, some of the catchiest songs of all time.
The thing that makes Mac DeMarco so great is his talent for effortless simplicity. Never one to overdevelop a song, Mac expertly strips parts to make them work and talk together. Every song on Salad Days is built with great care and the perfect amount of instrumentation and not a drop more. Perhaps even more endearing is Mac’s generally carefree persona and outlook on life. Perhaps one of the only artists I could watch nonstop interviews of all day and never get bored.
A musician every aspiring songwriter should study, melt away with everyone’s favourite party boy, Mac DeMarco.