The AMP returns to Sydney for its 18th Annual Prize

2022 is the 18th consecutive year of The Australian Music Prize, sponsored by Melbourne-based SoundMerch – The SoundMerch AMP.

Sponsored by SoundMerch, The Australian Music Prize returns again this year. As stated by AMP founder and director, Scott B. Murphy, “the 18th announcement event will be larger than normal with previous judges and winning artists encouraged to attend – along with the next 9 Shortlisted artists, music media, our partners and industry friends – with thanks to the good folk at the Oxford Art Factory.” 

Back in March, SoundMerch announced that the album, Smiling with No Teeth by Genesis Owusu was the winner of the 17th SoundMerch AMP. The winner receives $30,000 in cash, which goes a long way for an artist making it in the industry. The AMP is being backed with a lot of support and sponsors from Australian creative and media industries, which makes it such an incredibly uplifting opportunity for artists. 

australian music prize
(Left) Emma Volard, RY X, Ruby Gill / Credit: Press; Al Parkinson

Genesis Owusu opened up about how The AMP was such a positive opportunity for artists: “It means a lot that there are initiatives like The AMP that look to platform and support art purely on artistic merit, rather than any other surrounding factors.” Expressing gratitude, he declared, “the fact that they show their support financially is not only rewarding, but crucial in a post-COVID world, and has personally helped my career as I continue to tour and make more music.”

Industry judges make up the panel of experts, and this year’s panel features new additions including James Mangohig (TZU) and Henry Wagons (Wagons) as well as from the media, Reg Harris (FBi Radio) and Taylah Strano (Radio 6RTR). Odette, Rory McDougall (The Putbacks) and Martha Marlow whose albums were shortlisted last AMP, will also feature on the revised panel. 

(Left) Julia Jacklin, alex the astronaut / Credit: Press; Izzie Austin

Martha Marlow weighed in on her appreciation for The AMP: “The Australian Music Prize is a great and necessary recognition of Australian artists and their work. It showcases the diversity of the Australian music industry and plays a crucial role in supporting our Australian musical artists.” 

“Listening hard” since June this year, the judges have indulged in all eligible Australian artist albums released since day one of 2022 and the listening won’t stop until the last album of 2022 is released.

(Left) Cameron Deyell, Laurence Pike / Credit: Press

There have been 400 eligible albums that have been considered and the judges have curated a list of 50 nominated albums in contention to form the shortlist, which will comprise only nine finalist albums. Today (November 8), The AMP has announced some of these nominees: 

The seven latest albums to be nominated, join the 43 others have been mentioned via the prize Instagram page. The latest nominees include Midnight Oil, Parkway Drive, King Stingray, Camp Cope, Party Dozen, Grace Cummings and more. 

Ferla / Credit: Press

“It’s nice to be considered for an award like this alongside so many outstanding Australian musicians,” Grace Cummings shared about being nominated. Reflecting on the challenges faced by the music industry over the last couple of years, she added, “It’s been a tough and trying couple of years and yet a hugely productive time for music. I am proud to be amongst all of those nominated.”

If you’d like to have a look at the full list of o2022 nominees, check this link out and visit the SoundMerch AMP website. And don’t forget – If you’ve released an album this year, or you’re planning to by the end of 2022, see if you’re eligible in this form here. The shortlist of the 18th SoundMerch AMP will return to Sydney, and the winner’s announcement event will take place at Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory on March 1, 2023.