The 'Beached Az' cartoon returns after 11 years

The ‘Beached Az’ cartoon returns after 11 years

Remember that silly, low budget cartoon of a kiwi whale declaring its degree of beachedness to a pretty careless seagull? How beached was the whale, you ask? Apparently “beached az”.

Almost eleven years later, the makers of the Beached Az cartoon are back with their third clip, this time with an even greater concern for marine and environmental awareness.

Each episode of Beached Az will coincide with another educational video, discussing more specific climate issues in the show’s sub-series Teached Az.

The original video created by Nicholas Boshier (Bondi Hipsters), Jarod Green and Anthony MacFarlane was made under a measly $16 budget and has reached almost 10 million views since its initial release in 2008. Countless remakes and parodies have been created which attempt to ride on the quirks of the New Zealand accentm but now the original creators seek to utilise their humour for the better.

The educational sideshow stars the cartoon’s seagull, who is framed as a careless climate change denier in interview with climate activists and environmentalists. Each informs him of the realities of climate change and its damages to marine ecologies.

Following two multi-episode series which featured on the ABC and Youtube, series three will be posted as videos to the Beached Az Facebook page every Tuesday.

Check out the first episode here, it’s funny and woke az.