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The BOSS RE-2W is the coolest delay that you’ll never get to play

Roland’s Space Echo is one of the most loved of all delays, but we haven’t yet seen a compact version of the effect. Meet the RE-2W. But is it real?

An imgur user by the name of Tubes99 has created a pretty nifty photoshop mockup of a Boss RE-2W that offers all the sought after features of the original Space Echo in a pedal-board friendly enclosure.boss re-2w

Roland’s RE-200 Space Echo is one of the most cherished delay sounds of all time, but BOSS hasn’t yet created a compact version. Will the RE-2W ever become real?

The Roland Space Echo was released in the 1970s and used tape reels to create its signature atmospheric delay sounds. Boss went on to recreate the effect in 2007 with the Roland RE-20, a favourite of Radiohead guitarist Thom Yorke. More recently Boss has included Space Echo settings in its DD-500 digital delay, but the company is yet to create a compact version of the effect.

Tubes99’s mockup of the BOSS RE-2W is super detailed and damn believable, featuring controls for tape head settings, modulation control and a short hold function that induces tape warble or two-second hold for tap-tempo functionality.

The design includes stereo input and outputs and even an expression pedal input. It’s a great looking design, but for now it remains only that. Let’s just hope that BOSS takes notice! Until then, we can only dream of the perfect pedalboard.