The Cinema Wristys return with DIY new video Seconds In Time

Byron Bay warehouse-punk band The Cinema Wristys set a pretty high standard for themselves when they dropped their Oscar-worthy video for The Clash back in May last year.

But never ones to back away from a challenge, the three-piece have backed it up… returning with another brilliant film clip for Seconds In Time. 

How to make a great video for under a 100 bucks: The Cinema Wristys’ new video Seconds In Time is a slice of DIY brilliance.

On this new video, the band trade in the green screen for DIY stop-motion graphics, creating the whole thing with only a cheap panasonic camera, a fold up table, two $8 ikea lamps, and a $50 printer.

The clip follows some pretty whacked imagery, as the three-piece belt out their signature blend of psych and garage punk.

Seconds In Time is a reminder to not give in to pressures to conform to the societal norms that can be damaging and unhealthy to ourselves and the world around us and instead slow down and take some time to think for ourselves, make positive changes and enjoy life,” the band say of the video.

Seconds Of Time is The Cinema Wristys’ third single, following The Clash and Girls. The lads have a new album coming out later this year, which has been described as “a reflection of the boys thoughts of the world and desires for interesting lives outside of societies norms.”  

For now, do yourself a favour and watch the new video above.