The Dead Love’s Wastelands is a god damned Eden of grunge music

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Grunge fans have been hungry for the return of the genre. Good thing Sydney can serve them up a hefty helping of The Dead Love to satisfy their empty bellies. Clint Ossington on bass / vocals and Stevie Knight on guitar / vocals, make up the two-piece band, one that reeks of attitude and oozes pummeling, in your face, no holds barred kind of music. we can’t get enough of it.

The Dead Love wastelands

This is more than 90s nostalgia, this is a true representation of what grunge music is all about. The Dead Love are kicking ass and taking names with their latest Wastelands.

Their debut album Transitions released in 2013 became the talk of the town, and since the rockers have toured with The Love Junkies and The Delta Riggs, received airplay around New Zealand and the US as well as rotation on triplej Unearthed for their single This is War. So naturally, there has been a fair amount of excitement for the release of their latest single Wastelands.

It is an addictive tune that radiates revelry. The song begins placid and builds in tension exploding at the chorus. The incline in energy is thrilling and creates a sense of anticipation and curiosity. The striking electric guitar and variation between solemn and rough vocals has fashioned the grunge rock attitude, a memorable and addictive tune.

The gripping lyrics add a new dimension to the song. As well as forceful and explosive music, there are powerful themes at work here. “So desperate to forget/ Well may as well try to make the best of it/ We’re just living in a wasteland/ I’m still looking for a place to call my own,” paint a picture of desperation and isolation, creating a desirable ballad-like quality. They are lucidly sung in an almost pleading tone engaging the listener and persuading them to hear more.

By the chorus, the mood totally changes. It focuses on unleashing the full force of the instruments and coarse vocals. The sudden eruption of bold instruments transfixes the listener to the chorus. The counter melody of the slow tempo opening riff throughout adds consistency to the many wild music changes. The overlapping of mellow and electric guitar creates an intricate and daring song with a bad ass attitude.

The guys have booked a tour for April and May to showcase music from their new album, and just in time because after the release of this single fans are developing a thirst for more. The Dead Love describe their music presence as a “no nonsense f@#k-off rock show”, and rest assured blood, sweat and tears are part of the act. Keep an ear to the ground, this two-piece will be causing a ruckus in your town very, very soon.